Ninja Gaiden Developers Have A New Vision

Ninja Gaiden 3 is coming, under the direction of Yosuke Hayashi, a Team Ninja veteran who now heads the Japanese development studio responsible for that series and the latest Metroid. His team has a vision. This is it:

Hayashi introduces fans to the new Team Ninja website. He wants your feedback. And he wants you to know this:

Team Ninja Official Site


    Clearly needs more advanced six-axis jiggle physics.

    As long as they don't try to make the game appeal more to 'westerners' it will be good.

    I expect the best out of this team, Ninja Gaiden is one of the best hack-n-slash titles I've played (even if it is infuriatingly hard).

      I think you'll find with Itagaki gone it will be too tempting for Team Ninja to reduce the difficulty level to "Mere Mortal". :(

      NG being so infuriatingly hard was one of the main reasons it's so memorable, and so rewarding to finish. I hope they can do NG3 justice without the rock star himself.

      I don't understand why everyone says it's so hard. As long as you block and dodge there shouldn't be a problem.
      I really loved NG2, but it felt a bit too different from the first. It's like Left 4 Dead 2, it felt like a completely different game. Not to mention all the glitches that can't be fixed. I got a glitch that no one else seems to have gotten, but the glitches were the only thing holding NG2 back IMO.

      REALLY looking forward to NG3, it's a must buy for me without a doubt.

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