Nintendo Asks Players Stuck In Metroid: Other M To Mail Save Files

Nintendo is warning players away from Metroid: Other M's potentially game-breaking locked door bug in Sector 3, but if it's too late for you and your save file, you're going to have to mail away for a fix.

Responding to Kotaku this morning about the bug, Nintendo of America says they have identified a door in Metroid: Other M that remains red and locked, making it impossible for players to advance in the game.

They point out that their support website now tell people how to avoid the issue:

Problem: There is a door in Sector 3 that cannot be unlocked and opened. It remains red and locked, making it impossible to advance in the game.

Location Of The Door: The door that remains red and locked is located in the basement of the Desert Refinery in Sector 3. After defeating the crustacean boss enemies located on the top level of the Desert Refinery, an elevator appears that goes down to this area. The door can be found on the other side of the wall from the three Grapple Points.

The Cause Of This Problem And How To Avoid It: This sequence of events will cause the door in Sector 3 to remain locked:

1. In the room after the large lava area in Sector 3, battle the Space Pirates to unlock the Ice Beam. 2. Proceed to the second room ahead. 3. Defeat the enemies with spiked, purple legs to unlock the door at the end of the room. - To create the issue: Do not go through this door and instead backtrack to the room where the Ice Beam was obtained. Continuing to play from here creates the issue. - To avoid the issue: Proceed through the door that was just unlocked at the end of the room before doing any backtracking to any previous rooms.

If you didn't have the forethought to go to Nintendo's support page before running into the bug, Nintendo has your back... sort of.

"If players find themselves unable to progress in the game, we also provide details about how Nintendo will fix the saved data at no charge," according to a spokesman for a public relations company that represents Nintendo of America. "Information about this can be accessed through our contact centre at 1-800-255-3700, as well as on a custom web page for Metroid: Other M at Nintendo sincerely apologises for any inconvenience this may have posed to our players."

I'll save you the extra mouse click. Here's how you fix the solution. Hint: It's almost the same way they're doing it in Japan:

If you are experiencing this issue, we are able to resolve it by fixing your save data. For instructions on how to set up a repair by sending us your save file on an SD card, or for other options, please call 1-800-255-3700. Representatives are available from 6:00 am to 7:00 pm (PST) seven days a week.


    In the old days we had Super Metroid. In Super Metroid you could use the tricks at your disposal to get to any number of places you weren't supposed to be, and the game was designed such that you'd always be able to get out.

    In Other M you get the game bugging out and blocking your progression for not mindlessly following the set path.

    How far we've come.

    Heaven forbid they release, say, a utility which fixes the save file for you! That would just be TOO easy.

    That's why I prefer Nintendo to release the English version of games 6-8 months after the Japanese version. By the time English release is ready, the glitch would have been found and solved.

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