Nintendo Of America's Birthplace, Now In Ruins

As Nintendo of America begins to stretch its legs in its swank new offices in Redmond, Washington, the company's old offices - and a piece of gaming history - are now nothing but a pile of rubble.

The building where the company began its assault on the American market with the Nintendo Entertainment System - and where it's also long been believed that Mario got his name, when staffers noticed landlord Mario Segale looked just like Donkey Kong's Jumpman - has been bulldozed, providing a poignant (if also mildly sombre) footnote to this week's Super Mario Bros 25th anniversary celebrations.

Nintendo's 'birthplace of Mario' bulldozed to ground [CVG]


    You maniacs! You blew it up! Damn you! Damn you all to hell!

      "And then the Ape's blew up there society too. How could this happen? And then the birds took over and ruin there society. And then the cows and then, I don't know? Is that a slug maybe? Noooooo!"

        Good to see people are illegally downloading Futurama rather than waiting for those fools down at Channel 10 to show it...

          I'll buy the futurama dvd's/blu-rays when they come out, but I can't wait that long.
          I'm not a pirate I buy everything I have, just impatient with tv shows like futurama, dexter, house etc.

    This is gaming's ground zero...

    Fifty Thousand people used to work here, now it's a ghost town...

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