Nintendo Taking Care Of Metroid: Other M Bug

Metroid: The Other M has a game-freezing bug. In Japan, Nintendo has a fix. It involves sending things on a truck.

The bug has been causing players to get sect in the Section 3 section of the game. Stuck as stuck and not able to get out. It's a game-breaking bug. Some players are unable to get a door with a red lock open after swinging past three grappling points.

The bug does not affect all players. It is apparently caused when players double back to a save point after defeating an enemy. Players that continue straight ahead do not experience the bug. Check out this YouTube video explains what causes the bug.

In Japan, Nintendo is offering to rectify the problem. The Kyoto-based company is asking players to either send a SD card with their save files or their Wii console (with its 512MB of internal Flash memory) to its service centre in Uji, Kyoto Prefecture.

It is not necessary for players to send a copy of their game. Nintendo says it will take a week to fix the game and will cover the cost of shipping.

In an official release, Nintendo apologies humbly for any trouble this bug has caused.

Kotaku is contacting Nintendo of America to see if a similar program will be offered. This post will be updated if the company comments.

『METROID Other M』セクター3で先に進めなくなる症状についてのお知らせ []


    I'm playing through this one at the moment. I've thought of doubling back a couple times after a few encounters but the save points are so frequent I've opted not to and good thing to apparently!

    They apologise humbly....

    Maybe for the Wii2 they can humbly include a hard drive and the ability to patch gamebreaking bugs...

    I remember having a similar kind of bug come up in the first Prince of Persia game thanks to doubling back to a save point. I saved and switched off, then came back and my character was reset to be the same as the start of the game - low health, no powers, possibly didn't even have the dagger of time, etc. Can't remember if I had to start again or if I'd been cycling save files, but it sucked.

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