Nintendo Try To Block DS Pirates Via Firmware Update

Nintendo Try To Block DS Pirates Via Firmware Update

Earlier this week, Nintendo quietly released a firmware update for its DSi handhelds, the sole purpose of which seems to be to stop people from using flashcarts on their consoles.

Flashcarts – small cartridges which allow users to play both homebrew and pirated games – are contentious devices in the industry, many applauding the expanded functionality afforded by custom applications and games, while many more choose to instead use them as a way of not having to pay for video games.

They’ve recently been outlawed in Japan, the UK and Australia, and this new 1.4.1U firmware reportedly blocks the Acekard 2i, DSTTi, iPlayer, M3i Zero, Supercard DSTwo, EZ-Flash Vi, iSmart DS, Hyper R4i and more similar devices from working.

Since flashcarts are able to themselves receive firmware updates, it’s hardly a decisive measure by Nintendo, but for the average soccer mum who does this – and you’d be shocked to learn how many DS pirates are average families – it may be enough to get them back to the cash register.

New DSi update released, flashcarts blocked [Tiny Cartridge]


  • Jeeze, I’m all for this, but do you think Nintendo could release an update for their wii/DS that actually… DOES something, instead of just pointlessly attempts to block R4 cards (I predict a patch for the various flash carts will be out by the end of the week).

    I was kind of excited when they added the facebook integration to DSi, but we’ve seen nothing since then 🙁

  • I’m amused by the fact that the owners I hear about are families with ORIGINAL and LITE DS machines, which WON’T update.

    Kinda pissing off the new customers who legally homebrew, aren’t you Nintendo?
    (I’ve played some homebrew games – Lone Wolf titles are GREAT fun! Sorry DSi people. :S )

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