No One Plays First-Person Shooters On PC Anymore

Microsoft's Kudo Tsunoda, talking to Game Informer about the future of Kinect, had this to say about the current state of first-person shooters on the PC.


    All my rage and anger

    TF2 would like to have a word with you bro...

    So would CSS, CoD4, BFBC2, L4D... the list does go on

    so what i have been playing all this week no one else plays?
    i swear i was killing some other people.
    and pretty sure >1 000 000 people playing css + cod + tf2

      You can get hard numbers from steam stats and they're not that high compared to console players online. But this guy is still a knob.

        Steam is just ONE Digital Content provider... Then you have D2D and others... THEN all the myriad of people who don't like digital content and have a hard copy of the game instead...

      heck, i just bought tf2 2 days ago to play fps on the pc! =)

    Clearly the man is a tool.
    Mouse and keyboard are a lot more accurate than gamepad, and as for Kinect... am i going to be pretending to hold a gun and making akakakakaka type noises to fire, or am I not the controller and i need other stuff. The Move may just be a new take on the Wii's controlls, but at least it is usable for the majority of game types, but I'll stick to mouse and keyboard on my PC.

    I was offended and angry when I first read this, but given some time to digest this statement I'm now neither of the aforementioned.

    Microsoft have a vested interest in consoles (Xbox anyone?) so a comment like this is hardly surprising.

      I'd like to think they also have a vested interest in PC gaming...

        I don't think they get royalties from PC games (happy to be corrected if they do)

          Not directly, no. Even "Games for Windows Live" doesn't generate any direct revenue for them. But the indirect revenue from selling more copies of Windows would make up for that.

          Given that Microsoft basically has a monopoly on PC gaming, perhaps they've relegated it to the backwaters like they did Internet Explorer in the early naughties...

            Just to correct you on something Dean, they don't hold a monopoly over the PC gaming market.

            While they do maintain an iron gripped strangle hold on the OS market, they do not gain any control over the game side of the platform, despite every game being made for their OS.

            OS sells, devs make games for said OS, more people buy the OS so they can play the game they enjoy.

            It's symbiotic if anything.

            they don't get any more copies of windows sold on PC by computer games

            most people have some sort of computer these days

    I remember reading this.

    And then I remember thinking he is a tool. But as Blake said, this is hardly surprising to hear something like this.


    Any press is good press when you're trying to sell a dud product.

    You'd think if you were talking about Kinect, the LAST thing you'd want coming up in the conversation is shooters.

    If he had any sense he would have been desperately redirecting the conversation back towards lame "party" games that get played once then gather dust forever, which is clearly his product's forte.

    I want to punch him in his stupid beard

    "Get a haircut!"

    Only around 80k or so at time of posting, and usually peaks at least 230k, not including numbers from further down the list.

    Why are people shocked by this comment? This man thought up Kinect...

    Yeah because jumping around my living room in front of a camera with an 'air gun' is so much more accurate than a mouse and keyboard.

    Consoles and PC's both have their place but I'd much rather play a shooter on a PC.

    Tardcake much?

    This guy is off himself. Consoles are the illegitimate child when it comes to playing FPS games

    As much as I think this guy is a tool, if you look at the numbers, he's pretty close to being right.

      From today's "peak player count", there were at least 250,000 on Steam alone.

      I don't know anyone whose definition of "hardly anyone" is that broad.

        Which isn't actually that much. There's almost triple that playing Halo Reach right now. And that's only one game on one platform.

    I dont even play shooters on PC or console... but this is just dumb.....

      What are the numbers?

      Does anybody have this info?
      I would be interested to hear the case!

    Is it me or does Microsoft marketing have no clue how to promote anything? Come out with an FPS using Kinect that does what no FPS has done before and then maybe say something. This guy is another douchebag just like McLean.

    What a wanker. Working in the games industry, I already know this guy is dead wrong. Then again everyone needs to get their 15 minutes of fame some way, no matter how much of a dick they make them selves out to be.

    Wasn't there something recently where they found that FPS players on a pc were pwning console players?

      there should be an article on kotaku about, basically Microsoft were trying to implement 360 and PC together online (like Shadowrun but better) and during testing they found that average PC gamers were owning hardcore console people all the time, so they stopped it.

    *ding* *ding* *ding*
    we have a new WANKER OF THE WEEK!

    and Bobby Kotick had grown so attached to the trophy over the years too :(

    - Halo is average and generic.
    - playing shooters on a console sucks - you're about as manoeuvrable as a tank.
    - due to this massive disadvantage, "awesome" shooters on the consoles are all just boring cover based affairs that pretty much turn into Time Crisis with a controller.

    honestly, every time I think of valve I wonder why we all put up with the relative excrement that is the 'big players' in the games industry.

      Haha boom. I can't wait for a day in the future when all platforms are played against each other. Pc all the way.

    Can't stand gaming on PC. Pointing and clicking at an enemy just feels stupid, with the controller you have the feel of pulling the trigger. Gaming on the PC just feels like your on crack, its too fast and just does not feel natural.

    To the people ripping into console gaming, go have a look at the figures, it may not be as large as PC gaming, but then it hasn't been around as long, but its growing by the day. PC gaming is on the way out, people don't want to spend thousands of dollars upgrading their PC just to play the latest game.

    That being said, I don't agree with this douche lol

      Fumbling with an analogue stick feels completely alien to me, I don't look down on your pass time but I think comparing the 2 platforms versions of 'fps' is pointless.

      A keyboard and mouse it the most accurate, and efficient way to place a crosshair and pull a trigger, there is no argument.

      But console FPS doesn't try to be PC FPS it has mutated to become a new genre of it's own.

      Should be renamed 'couch person shooter' imo.

      As for the pc dying, and consoles replacing them I'm not going to argue with you, despite to say you can't browse the internet on a console in an even remotely similar fashion to on a PC. MMO's will remain a PC genre for a LONG time to come, and besides ALL this, refresh rates on TV are terrible :P

      There is a reason why game developers don't let PC and Console people play together, it's because they know the console crowd will get owned buy the superior accuracy of PC players.

      also it's because of consoles why you can only have 2 weapons now in most games, before every fps had 10 weapons at the same time but because of your lack of buttons they had to take the number down to 2.

      hahahahahahahahaha WHAT?

    I am pretty sure that the only games that clearly have more players on console than PC is CoD and Halo... but i'm assuming this guy has pulled up the figures from halo and gone HURR MORE PEOPLE ON CONSOLE WUT.. when theres like what, halo 1 and 2 on PC and the rest on console?

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