No Refunds Given For Failed MMO

Given the fact the game shut down after only three months, there weren't many subscribers to MMO title APB. If you were one of the lucky/unlucky few, don't go expecting a refund, because you won't be getting one.

Begbies Traynor, the firm responsible for administrating the remains of failed developer Realtime Worlds, says that anyone wanting a refund has to speak to the retailer they bought it from. Being a PC game, practically no bricks-n-mortar store will give you one, while online retailer Steam doesn't give refunds either.

The only silver lining, in fact, comes from publisher EA, with reports surfacing that people reaching out to the publisher directly are receiving compensation in the form of discount vouchers or even free games.

No APB refunds, but EA offers free games [Eurogamer]


    VG247 are reporting EA have a compensation scheme in place for Steam purchasers

    Several people are getting refunds, from stores and Steam alike.

    you have had your fun, now move along, move along

    wow, I remember a bunch of hype around this at one point, I was never particularly interested but I'm kinda surprised it was such a spectacular failure.

    It's operatically tragic how quickly APB canned, especially as it seemed so promising a concept.

    People will measure fail against APB from now on, "Did it die as quickly as APB?", they'll ask.

      hell i think hellgate london lasted much longer than APB

    you'd think they'd at least give them the install to set up a private server...

    This is tragic. No wonder no-one even tries to go after WoW's crown. Unlike a regular single player game which is the player's responsibility, once bought and paid for.. An MMO lives and dies by its player base.

    If not enough players subscribe to justify server/GM costs, it's just a downward spiral. I do think Hellgate lasted longer than this.

    Lesson of the day: Don't hype your game and put all your eggs in one basket. On the other hand, make sure you have enough capital to be pretty damn sure you're going to make your mark. Otherwise you'll end up in the Would've/Should've/Could've graveyard of APB, Hellgatea and Conan.

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