Now That's A Classy Assassin's Creed Figure

NECA make some nice Assassin's Creed action figures, yeah, but Square Enix's ones are nicer.

This is the Japanese company's take on Ezio, the hero of Assassin's Creed II, part of its Play Arts line of deluxe action figures.

Due for release in November - just in time for Ezio's second game, Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood - he stands an impressive 255m tall and comes with interchangeable hands and five weapons.


    Twice as tall as this figure:

    255 metres tall!


    That's a huge bitch!

    WoW, 255m tall. He would blow away those life size Gundam models in Japan

    "he stands an impressive 255m tall"

    that IS impressive! :P

    225m tall? God damn thats a big ezio

    255m eh? that's a big-a ezio!


    At 255m tall I bet you can see it from space

    "...he stands an impressive 255m tall..."

    That IS impressive!

    255M? Wha...?

    225m ??? holy damns thats big!! what store gets this costco? =P lolz jks i think there is a boo boo in this.

    "255m tall"

    Hooooooooooooly s*****************************t.

    Hopefully they recycle the packaging. That'll just be a huge waste of plasticky-goodness if they don't.

    I love how many people immediately picked up on that one typo, and nobody cares about the actual content of the post.

    I really like the black armour Ezio however, I think he'll do nicely on my wall. Somewhere in the back.


      Well, yeah, we just had to. But as for the figure itself, it doesn't that much better. I'm happy enough with my White Edition Figure. He just stares down Chewie on my desk.

        I love the white edition statue from AC2 also, but if you look at his eyes they look into his nose (cross-eyed ezio, lol). Which upsets me, ever since I noticed it I haven't been able to get over it.

    Imagine the carnage that would ensue from trying to open the 255m+ clam-shell packaging! Oh the humanity!:

    He probably was meant to say 255mm.

    Square Enix's figures are nicer until their arm drops off when you go to dust them.....

    i'm keen on the amount of articulation he has, thats pretty impressive.

      FOR SOMETHING 255m TALL!!!

      sorry couldnt resist. felt like i needed to continue the obvious trend :D

    Hey...hang on a second...that is really, really tall guys.

    In after everyone on earth makes the same joke about a typo

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