Obama Wants Kids To Make Video Games

US President Barack Obama has given his blessing to a challenge - open to both children and professional developers - aimed at getting kids designing educational video games.

The National STEM (science, technology, engineering and maths) Video Game Challenge is hoping to get American kids more interested in learning about those fields, and Obama thinks that educational video games could be just the ticket.

"Our success as a nation depends on strengthening America's role as the world's engine of discovery and innovation," Obama says of the challenge. "I applaud partners in the National STEM Video Game Challenge for lending their resources, expertise and their enthusiasm to the task of strengthening America's leadership in the 21st century by improving education in science, technology, engineering and maths."

There are two prizes on offer - one for middle school students, another for professional developers - with a deadline for entries set at January 5.

Obama Challenges Kids To Design Video Games [Game Informer]

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    Remake of The Incredible Machine with an expanded multiplayer kind of like that mice game, thanks.


    It's a globalist initiative so the winner is bound to be chosen according to how well they promote taxing everyone for breathing..i.e. global warming.

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