Oh No, It’s A Mr Bill iPhone Game

Oh No, It’s A Mr Bill iPhone Game

Capcom resuscitates a 34-year-old Claymation Saturday Night Live joke in Mr Bill for the iPhone.

One would think that after more than three decades being abused by Mr Sluggo and Mr Hand the Claymation family man Mr. Bill would have wised up. Sadly that is not the case. The hero of the clay has fallen on hard times and is forced to take a job from the Sluggo Employment Agency. Finding work in today’s economy is a wonderful thing. Finding work as a human cannonball is not.

The game follows Mr. Bill across 28 levels split between two environments – the circus and Sluggo’s farm. It looks like your basic object flinging game, only this time around there’s a story mode to compliment the endless throwing.

Mr. Bill is now available on the iTunes App Store for a mere $1.19, or one could just buy some clay and make their own.

Feats Of Clay – Mr. Bill iPhone Game Now On The App Store! [Capcom Unity]

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