Old Republic Trailer Revels In The Company Of Old Friends

The majority of this clip for The Old Republic shows everything that is wrong with both Star Wars' expanded universe and the drudgery of MMOs. Until, that is, the last ten seconds.

Then it reminds us of everything that was once good about Star Wars video games.


    Why this wasn't designed as a single player RPG I will never know. (Actually I do... $$$$) :( I don't play MMO's and would really like to play this but also want to keep my non-gaming life.

      If you want to keep your non gaming life, buy the game and show a sliver of self control when you play it?

        Self control? Yeah my track record isn't so good when it comes to some of the games in my library. A few Bioware ones included. MMO's would take it one step further. :P

    I die a little everyday knowing I'll never get to play this game!

    meh to your qualms, this is the one I've been waiting for.

    They killed Revan!
    This will not stand!

    Do we actually have a date for when this goes online to the masses? Personally I can't wait.

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