Origin Big O Makes It Down Under

Got 23 grand to spare? Then you can pick up the Origin Big O - a high powered super-PC and Xbox 360 in one box. As seen on Gizmodo


    A lesson on how to not get laid, other then the hardcore nerd or a professional video game developer, this computer has no real use for the average computer user.

    Meh hardly impressive. Only a fool would pay for such rubbish. I could build the same specced pc for a 1/4 of that price.

      i bet you that computer that you wouldn't look as good..

        Yep because when i have an obscenely powerful rig i spend hours staring at the tower, not the monitor.

    it beggars belief that this is actually real...
    a fool and his money are easily parted?

    ...You guys are missing the point.

    Awesome... Then they stuck an xbox in it.

    premium will always cost twice as much as the next best thing and not necessarily give you double the benefits. Do you guys really think a the top ferrari is worth what it's worth? so like Brady said, you're missing the point..

    i think a lot of nerds just had a big O


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