Our First Look At Mega Man Universe Gameplay

Mega Man Universe, which will be making an appearance at this weekend's PAX, looks pretty great.

I like in particular how sharp... Rockman and Ryu look?



    I don't know who else watches anime here, but is anyone reminded of the heroman logo ???

    needs more zero.


    omagad i just shat bricks!

    This needs to be awesome, please make it awesome. I hope we can recreate levels from past megaman games :D!

    So... It's just another 2D Megaman game. But with Ryu.

      yeah looks like it...i'm actually kinda dissapointed :(

    Huh. I was totally thinking this was the megaman MMO. Re-release of Original megaman in HD graphics? :S It looks weird. Megaman non-sprite is just... strange. Or atleast cel-shaded.

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