Our Video Game Gun Rack

So many games, so many guns. Most are good, but some have to be the best, and it's only the best that we've decided to hang on our Kotaku Gun Rack. Keep the crows off our porch.

There's no room for funny guns here. Nothing stupid or novel or unique. No, only guns that do an exceptional job of killing things are worth a spot on our hand-crafted pinewood rack. That or ones that are just OK at killing but have won our hearts nonetheless.

M1 Garand (Call of Duty, Medal of Honor, Battlefield and more)

There is no weapon in all of video games more cathartic than the trusty old M1 Garand, standard issue rifle for US infantrymen in the Second World War.

It's old. It's got a small ammo capacity. It's inaccurate. And you can't even reload it mid-clip. But that "ping" noise you hear when you empty a cartridge, and the spent casing goes flying off the screen... you know you've shot a man to death with more bullets than were needed, just for the fun of it.

Lancer (Gears of War)

The Lancer is a decent enough rifle in its own right, but its two other features that make it stand out. The first is the fact its got a reloading minigame attached to it, turning what is normally a tedious waiting period into something you can turn to your advantage.

Secondly, it has a chainsaw on the end of it.

Pistol (Halo)

There's only one pistol from the Halo universe we'd want in our collection, and it's the one from the first game in the Halo series. The backup firearm may not have looked like much, but it had it where it counted, a quick rate of fire and surprisingly hefty punch making it, pound for pound, the most useful weapon in the game. And the cheapest in multiplayer.

AWM/P (Counter-Strike)

The gun so good Valve had to tone it down. Back in Counter-Strike's prime, around the turn of the millennium, this gun would kill you if it even turned its barrel in your general direction. That's no joke. It was one shot, one kill. While later revisions have scaled back the sniper rifle's raw power, we were lucky enough to grab an earlier model, which now enjoys a retirement spent shooting cans off our back fence.

BFG (Doom series)

BFG. Stands for BIG FUCKING GUN. It'd be an arrogant title were it not also so apt, the weapon not only dwarfing others in Doom's arsenal, but also being one of the most powerful firearms in video game history. You walk into a room, you pull the trigger and everything dies.

Schofield Revolver (Red Dead Redemption)

We've selected most of the weapons on our rack based on their raw killing power, but the Schofield is a little different. It's not that it isn't a handy weapon - it's one of the game's better sidearms - it's just that not many guns in a video game are so emotional.

It's given to you by one of your only real friends in a game where most people are strangers or enemies, and from that moment onward, becomes most people's go-to gun. Also, it's a western. Using anything other than a gunslinger's trusty six-shooter just feels wrong, doesn't it?

Fat Man (Fallout 3)

A portable nuclear weapon launcher. We like the standard version, but it's the MIRV - which launches multiple warheads at once - that earns pride of place on our gun rack. Just look at that clip above. Look what happens.

Double-Barrel Shotgun (Doom II)

If you need an explanation as to why this is on the list, we have no idea why you've read this far down the page.

There are plenty more weapons we could have added - some Desert Eagles, maybe a rocket launcher or two from the Grand Theft Auto series - but Kotaku Tower is only so big, which means our gun rack can only be so big.

Let's say, though, we could squeeze some more weapons on there. Which would you like to see? A crossbow from Half-Life? Quake's railgun? Something from Contra? Metal Slug? Metroid? Something else?


    Another Gears entry - The Torque bow.

    You can hear it winding up and you have all of 3 seconds to decide to I try and take this guy or do I run back the way I came. The indecision makes you freeze and you here the thump as the arrow hits you right in the chest. You take it without flinching but you know it's too late.

    A moment later your just a mess of gibs strewn across a rather large area.

      I second that, great weapon.
      I like guns that take a bit of skill to use rather than simply point and shoot.

    "Also, it’s a western. Using anything other than a gunslinger’s trusty six-shooter just feels wrong, doesn’t it?" +500

    But that's the point... the trusty six-shooter was a relic in the time of semi-auto pistols, just like the gunslinger himself. I prefer the double-action revolver myself, but the Schofield is also well-known in the real world, so it has a certain flavour to it.

    That MIRV isn't the real one, it's been modded.

    I'd have included the MagSec from Perfect Dark.

    Quake II's railgun. Nailing someone with that thing from the other side of the level was some of the most satisfying multiplayer moments I've ever experienced. No scope, strafing, 180 turn and snap off a shot to see someone explode. Epic.

      Heh! I posted mine then went back and read yours, couldn't agree more. The Railgun was wicked sick

    Painkiller's electro driver.
    Shirukens and lightning.
    That or the painkiller. Which is less a gun and more a lawnmower blade with a trigger

    If I had to pick a weapon from Half Life (that wasn't the crowbar) I'd easily take the shotgun. One of the only weapons that was faithfully recreated from the first game, you get it fairly early on in both games, and it often proves itself to be more useful than many of the more advanced weapons.

    Plus there's something about turning a corner and unloading two barrels with right click into an unsuspecting combine.

    Other weapons?

    Quake II's Railgun - one of it's signature weapons, It also paved the way for railgun clones in every FPS made since.

    Team Fortress's Minigun - The signature weapon of the 'poster' class for TF2.

    Alien Versus Predator 2's Pulse Rifle - Technically more of a movie weapon than a game weapon, but it was a sickly satisfying, ammo efficient weapon.

    Resident Evil 3's Magnum - Aim at zombie head. Fire. Bathe in zombie mist.

    Man that PLING from the M1 Garand is just awesome, just amazing #*$%ingly awesome.

    The AK-47 from CoD4 should be on the list... it's one of my most favourite video game guns ever, and I have no doubt it's the best AK in any video game... I hate that they changed it for MW2, but I will always look back at the CoD4 AK as pretty much the perfect assault rifle. I was surgical with that thing, I hate that people spoiled it's awesomeness with attachments, lol...

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