Pac-Man Celebrates 30th Birthday With Notepads For Snobs

For the discriminating diarist, journalist, field notes taker or part-time poet - one who's also a Pac-Man fan - Namco Bandai and Moleskine have partnered to release top-tier, retro-themed stationery.

Coming this October, Moleskine's licensed Pac-Man Volant set (pictured) packs in the quality that white people expect from their branded notebooks, now with more colourful retro 8-bit flair. Moleskine has more Pac-Man stamped stuff for snobs to write in on the way, including the Large Plain Notebook version and a pricey but classy gift set for more serious jotting down of ideas.

Pac-Man x Moleskine 30th Anniversary Volant Set [Hypebeast]


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