PAX Cosplay Day 2: This Time It's Personal

Were you not satsified with the cosplay in our PAX day one gallery? Have a new helping. And stop hating on American cosplayers, will you?


    COBRA COMMANDER - fuck yeah!!
    What an epic costume that one is!!!

    There are some SERIOUSLY awesome costumes here - some are the best i've seen for a while (frank west, hell yeah)... but lets talk about the horrible scary costumes..

    Chunky barbarian
    Scary SF Wrestler chick..
    Flag waving (zombie?) redneck

    You people are all a pox on cos play at pax! haha

    In fact, i'm going to get that guy dressed as Captain Falcon for Falcon Punch you all

      Was going to comment... then I realised that you pretty much already said everything I wanted to say.

      I love the Captain Falcon though, that was unexpected.

    oh nice a league of legends cosplay.

    The monarch complete with number 23 and 24??? too awesome XD

      Mad props to those people. Mad props indeed. Also, best captain falcon costume. Ever.

    Headcrab zombie = awesome!

    The Blazblue and Ikkaku ones are insane!
    And anyone notice, without fail, there are always multiple Mario/Luigis?

    headcrab looked good, but my vote goes out to the monarch and his minions...MINIONS!!!

      Thanks, and if there were anyone I would have been fine with losing to it would be the Monarch and his Minions.

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