PES 2011, Castlevania Slip To Oct 14

Local release dates for both Castlevania: Lord of Shadow and Pro Evolution Soccer have been pushed back until October 14th. Previously both were scheduled for the 7th, so you'll have to wait another week for what's looking like that juicy 3D reboot starring Patrick Stewart. Meanwhile, that gives FIFA 11 a two week head start, with its release on September 30th.


    Is there a demo for Castlevania coming out soon? I heard that PS+ member have access to one, I was just curious to know if there's one for us normal PS folk.

      yup. it will be released next update in euro PSN

    This is outrageous! I demand the October 7th release! Exams are near the 14th! Oh well.... :(

    So is there going to be a demo for the xbox 360? because i can't find one.

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