Peter Molyneux's Son Calls Out Valve On Half-Life 3 Delay

Perhaps calls out is too harsh a phrase. Really Lucas Molyneux just asks, almost begs, Valve's Gabe Newell for more details on the perpetually not-finished Half-Life 3.

All the while Peter Molyneux, creator of Black & White, Magic Carpet and Fable, peppers his son with advice and questions like, "What would you say to the Half-Life 3 team" and "Who makes better games? The Valve team or..." and "Buy Fable III not Half-Life 3."

OK Newell, the ball is most definitely in your court. Bring on the adorable, Newell-offspring response.



    *cough* episode 3 *cough*

    Awww, that was sweet. How can valve not hurry it out now?

    Peter Molyneux is really creepy >.<
    Don't get me wrong I am eager for HL2 Ep 3 as no doubt many people both are and were because in the time spent waiting for the games conclusion there are fans of the game who have passed away from one cause or another. Ep 3 might be a good game but it will never be worth this sort of wait.

      It's been three years get over yourself, it's really not that long.

    is he even old enough to be playing half life, kids these days, where are the parents

      Right next to him. Being a game designer.

    Nawwwww.. rangas.

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