Photography Returns To Dead Rising

When Frank West departed at the end of Dead Rising, so too did the game's amusing photography mode, which is absent from Dead Rising 2. Now that Frank's back in Dead Rising 2: Case West, so too is the picture-taking.

In an interview with Dead Rising 2's Rob Barrett, Eurogamer asked about the possibility of photography in the new downloadable title. Barrett's reply was short and to the point.

"It's back. It's part of Frank. So when Frank comes back, so does the photography."


Dead Rising 2: Case West [Eurogamer]


    I too was wary of the photography mechanic getting the chop, but the weapon combine mechanic turned out to be just as cool.

    I don't know about anyone else but I never really used the camera that much. The main thing I took photos of was the cleavage of females I'd rescued.

    Just a heads up cause I don't know how to email you guys. It seems someone screwed up and sold Dead Rising 2 early and so they where forced to sell the game early to everyone. I was able to pick up my copy tonight. Can't wait to start playing.

      Hah same! Got mine at 4pm from indooroopilly EB but then had karate training at 5...'til 7.30 aaaargh!!! Didn't get to play it til 8 but OH MY was it worth it!!! Sure it does feel like a much larger shopping center but omg it looks like potentially hundreds of items can be combined!!! Boxing gloves + Bowie knives = knife gloves (wolverine claws) FTW!!!

    Apart from on PS3, where we get shafted. Again.

    No Zero. No West.

    But apparently the DLC is a "thank you" to all the 360 owners who made the original game sucha success.

    And a nice extended middle finger from Capcom to us PS3 owners, who did absolutely nothing to help them. Although it would have been nice if you'd given us the chance...

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