Pink DualShocks? They're For Girls!

Or so implies the latest email from the folks at PlayStation, who are clearly aware that pink plastic video game accessories are not cross-gender compatible. As seen in my email inbox.


    When will people learn that pink gaming accessories make most female gamers want to stab their eyes out?

      Judging by the ad I'd say it's for young girls rather then adult women.

      On the other hand, I work with three adult women whose desks are covered in pink equipment (pink mouse, pink scissors, pink calculator etc). So while it may not appeal to all women, it certainly appeals to some.

    Gits. I'd have no problem gaming on a pink controller (used to have one on the PS2, in fact). So long as the buttons work, the colour is the least important thing about it.

    Actually, it's a shame that I got the second controller (don't need any more) before they released different colours, just to brighten up the TV area...

    My brain and self respect say no... but my estrogen teemed blood stream screams YES, WHERE DO I BUY!?

    This does nothing for the wife. If Sony get around to releasing purple units I'll be in serious trouble!

    Hmm, why would they have the need to advertise vibrational feedback?

    A classy purple controller would be awesome. Also I do not find the PS3 controller ergonomic, its OK but its not ergonomic.

    Yeah because everyone knows that pink controllers will make all females like video games. That's why I recently bought a pink shovel, whipper-snipper, lawn mower and wheel barrow. The missus just loves cleaning up and tending the yards around home now...

    mmm, candy!

    when are they also gonna colour the buttons? the white controllers look shit coz of the black buttons

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