Piracy Prevents Super Street Fighter IV PC

In an interview with Japanese website 4gamer, Street Fighter series producer Yoshinori Ono says that a strong potential for piracy is keeping PC gamers from getting their own version of Super Street Fighter IV.

Street Fighter IV played much better on my computer than I expected, and I'm sure I've not been alone in hoping for a PC version of the follow-up title. Unfortunately this isn't happening any time soon, and PC game piracy is largely to blame.

In 4gamer's interview (translated by Adriasang), Ono explained that while the PC version of Street Fighter IV was a strong seller, it was also a top pirated title. Spreading the Street Fighter brand around is a good thing, but when piracy is so high that certain areas would consider Super Street Fighter IV a "free" game, Ono says the protection of the intellectual property comes first.

There's still a possibility of a future release, especially considering how easy it would be to transfer the game, running on a Direct X-based arcade board, to the PC, but Capcom would need a pretty powerful copy protection solution for that to happen.

Thanks a lot, pirates. I'm punching the next Jack Sparrow cosplayer I see right in the face.

Yoshinori Ono Interview [4Gamer via Adriasang]


    Developers might need to amend this argument in the near future, what with the 360 letting pirates run downloaded games for years now and the PS3 featuring a simple USB solution letting users run pirated games.

      Both piracy methods on either console require more effort than the majority of console owners ware willing to put in. PC gamers on the other hand are used to dealing with all sorts of tricky setup issues, so piracy is no big deal for them. Piracy is an issue on the consoles, just not the major issue it is, or at least seems to be, on PC.

        Actually it's easier to pirate on consoles than on PC, because you only have to break console DRM once, and then it's smooth sailing from there. Where as on PC you have to deal with the latest and greatest of absurd game breaking digital rights management for each and every title.

    while the PC version of Street Fighter IV was a strong seller, it was also a top pirated title.

    Strong seller...

    So lets not like sell anything anymore because people might steal it?

      Exactly! It's pretty much saying that if they can't get 100% of the sales done legitimately, then no PC owners can have it at all. I know piracy is getting bad on the PC, but for the love of God, look at big picture. There are reasons for why it's so bad, and not just on the PC...ummm, ridiculous prices anyone?

      A lot of people aren't comfortable spending $80 - $120 a game (RRP in AUSTRALIA). And purchasing games online at a cheaper price-point doesn't necessarily eliminate the issue either, what with this countries pathetic internet options outside of metro regions. People will look at the situation like this: spend a lot of money on a good internet connection and download many games, or spend the same money and maybe get 1 or 2 games a month legitimately.

      I am 110% for the developers getting more money... NOT for distributors and retailers to whore all the profits. Lecherous motherf***ers.

    Oh man this sucks so friggin bad! SF4 on PC rocked so hard.

    I'm really against piracy these days, it's ruined PC gaming for everyone which is really f'd up.

    and of course the added difficulty in allowing for many different PC setups has nothing to do with it

    This is just utter crap... My 3rd 360 died a few months back and thats, it called it quits and traded in all my games etc. Ive been waiting to see if SSF4 would finally get ported.

    Well atleast I still have SF4..

    If piracy was that big of a concern the game would only be developed on the PS3.

    Heck I bought Street Fighter on Steam which managed to incorporate Steam and Games for Windows Live restrictions, I guess I'm a sucker for buying the game.

    Why would I want to get SSF4 when SSF4T will come out (with Yin and Yang) in the future?

    they realise that something can be top pirated and top seller and these thing's can be linked

    i done both because i wasn't willing to lay down the cash without a test play on the computer's i had access to at that point

    when developers refuse to release any kind of demo it's any wonder why people find a way to try before they buy

    Yes, because adding stronger DRM has improved sales in the past (See any new Ubisoft game, Spore).

    Again the piracy scapegoat comes out. I'm all for PC gaming, but playing a fighting game on PC... kind of misses the point...

      All fighting games I have on PS3 are unplayable online. I traded in my PS3 copy of SF4 and bought it on Steam (for $50 less that on PS3) because of the hideous lag over PSN.

      Fighting games need very good ping to be able to play them properly, and with my internet connection, PC is the only option.

        SFIV's poor networking solution certainly didn't help. Why they didn't go with SSF2Turbo HDR's networking code I will never know.

    Greedy producers beget piracy whilst pirates beget even greedier producers. To be fair, producers are mostly to blame for the existence of piracy. When a producer puts on some new absurd DRM or takes a game away from the PC, the only people who suffer the legitimate customers.

    Pirates don't have to put up with shitty DRM, If the game isn't on PC, a pirate can just get an emulator and play it on PC anyway.

    The legitimate customer on the other has to put up with being treated like a criminal, with DRM capable of stealing their internet banking details (SONY have all ready been caught using DRM to insert information stealing viruses onto customers computers and you can bet other companies do it too). The legitimate customer has to put up with absurd retail prices, supposedly inflated to make up for the difference in sales caused by piracy (which is a blatant lie, because downloading a copy of a game doesn't prevent anyone else from buying it, which makes it physically impossible for piracy to prevent legitimate customers from buying the game).

    Which leaves the customer with a very simple and rather easy to make choice; put up with being treated like a criminal whilst having malware installed on your computer that damages your hardware and and steals your details and prevents you from playing the game you paid way too much money for in the first place. Or become a pirate, where you can play games in peace. Without over crowded DRM servers that prevent you from playing single player, Without star force messing up your optical drives, without SONY monitoring everything your computer does. Without having to register an online account for every stupid games company website in existence.

    Pretty simple choice really.

    It's because they know most PC users don't usually get fooled into buying "mods" for heaps amount of money.

    So they know their new game will get pirated heaps more than the first game.

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