Pirates of the Burning Sea To Be Free

Pirates didn't have the best launch ever. Critics raved about its naval combat, but it was a game in two halves. And the half that saw you searching around empty port towns for something to do was the bad half. But hey - Dungeons & Dragons Online managed to turn things around, increasing revenue by 500% when it went free-to-play. Can PotBS do similar?

They've certainly had a good deal of time to add content, and fix up the little bugs that hindered its launch. But as many an MMO has discovered these days, the enthusiastic launch customers won't wait around forever. They've got their level 80 WoW character in the back of their mind, begging for some polished battlegrounds play.

But Dungeons & Dragons Online suffered a similar launch, so it'll be interesting to see how this pans out. Over on BurningSea.com, their devlog states "all of the necessary tech is completed and is in testing, and we’re very close to starting the countdown.

"Experience has shown us that players who try the game tend to stick with the game, so we want to remove any impediment for a player to try the game."

Similar to the recent F2P launch of Lord of the Rings Online, certain conveniences will be available through microtransactions, and more for players who pay subscriptions, but there's no current mention of locking non-paying players out of any quest or pvp content.


    Still suffering the first major hurdle, no Mac support. (Please don't tell me if I want to game I should get Windows). Basically WoW has an entirely monopoly on Mac users who like MMOs, well you can count EVE but who wants to play that junk (unless you're part of a giant corp with tonnes of money and have a 6yr old account, then I'm sure you're having tonnes of fun).

    Mac users may be small percentage wise but I really don't think they're insignificant to your bottom line and it's been shown many times they love spending money in virtual stores :)

      well if you want to game you really should get windows - better games, better hardwre, better support and a buffet of choice in everything you can do

      The majority of WoW players are casuals. It's natural that they played on Mac, if you want to play just load a dual boot of Windows.

      The first major hurdle is to port the game to a new platform that holds 3 to 5% of worldwide market share? Do you know what's involved in an effort like that? Just to start with, FLS would need to rip out the DirectX-based engine and replace it with an OpenGL engine. Not worth the effort in my book.

    I think what killed PotBS in Australia was the horribad way it was delivered via Bigpond.
    Hopefully this helps get some players back to a fun game.

      Very true. Delayed launch, Telstra handling patching (and having no clue how to do so), little advertising... I understand why they thought it was a good deal on paper (large telco, offering unmetered bandwidth and buying huge numbers of licenses), but they didn't listen when the players told them: anyone but Telstra.

      Flying Lab's management of the au launch didn't help. When they encouraged Australian players already on US servers to come over to the AU one, they failed to ensure that their expertise was spread out across all of the factions. They ended up with three factions - French, Spanish, Pirates - with lower numbers but a lot of practice in both economy management and naval combat, and one faction, the Brits, that drew the bulk of the newbies but had no experienced players to explain how the game worked. For all those newbs, it was a pretty crappy experience.

      I might look at it again if it does go free.

    I didn't realise this was released.

    I remember reading about it being in production a few years ago but never heard of it again.

    It's free to play now and I've already played a few hours on my new free account. The only issue I had was the download took me a day to finish.

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