Play With The Unreal Engine On Your iPhone With Epic Citadel

The creators of the Unreal Engine and the games that run on it have brought their tech to the iPhone. Epic Games is now letting iPhone owners see how well their engine works with a free demo, Epic Citadel.

Epic Citadel is not the newly announced iPhone and iPad game from Epic Games. The creators of Gears of War and Unreal Tournament will release their first iPhone-based game, Project Sword, an "all-new action role-playing adventure game exclusively for iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch", later this year.

Epic Citadel is a tech demo app. It's free, letting iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch owners explore a castle realm with a multitouch interface. It was developed in eight weeks, its creators say, by a small team of Epic Games programmers.

It's got all the candies: bump offset mapping, normal mapped architecture, global illumination, real-time reflections, dynamic specular lighting with texture masks - enough bullet points to make your head spin.

See how good it looks here or for yourself by downloading from iTunes. It's for iPhones 3GS or better, iPod Touch 3rd gen or later, as well as the iPad and requires iOS 3.1.


    That is amazing... I've been considering getting an iPhone for a while now, and this just makes me want it even more.

    Wow, I just dl'ed this... looks and feels absolutely incredible. Can't wait for the RPG they're talking about to be released.

    Pretty cool, looks have never really been the problem with iphone gaming though.
    I am curious as to how the controls fare in their upcoming game.

    Just when I get a fricken Android phone too. Godammit.

    side note, Gameloft are probably shitting their pants over this haha.

    Environs look great - but what happens if they are populated with NPCs and cannonball explosions?

    Just downloaded it to my iPhone 4. It's friggin' stunning. And it's huge. A massive island without loading. This is the most impressive tech demo I've seen on any portable device. Now please id put your engine demo online so we can compare :)

    If you have an iPhone or know anyone with one get them to download this as it's blown me away.

    It's also been incorporated into Epic's free development kit ( so other developers can tap into it for their iPhone games. Gameloft included.

    This is unreal.

    *staring at my iphone with Epic citadel*

    Screenshots are nice, but this simply has to be seen on an iPhone 4 (or one of the new iPod Touches with a Retina Display) to get the full impact of just how amazing it is. Quite probably the most impressive thing I've seen running in real-time on a handheld.

    Is it just me who thought it looked gorgeous for a PC game, let alone an iPhone game? Not having an iPhone, I'm now disappointed that I can't play it!

    I played it a bit and it looked great. Everything one could ask for in a handheld game, and more.
    A tech demo, I think its more a bragging demo, or an expression of artistic performance. Would love to see it on a retina display, but sadly I only own an iPhone 3Gs.
    Only Con was that looking over the citadel from the furthest point resulted in a slight slow down and framerate drop. Thats only to be expected on a phone tho.

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