Played: Borderlands Claptrap’s New Robot Revolution

Played: Borderlands Claptrap’s New Robot Revolution
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Battle your way through a rise of the robots in Claptrap’s New Robot Revolution, the latest (and last) expansion to 2009’s surprise hit Borderlands. Can the promise of an expanded Pandora bring you back for more treasure hunting fun?

Style: The fourth downloadable add-on for the shoot ‘n’ loot action game pits players against the formerly docile Claptraps, Borderlands’ robotic comic relief. Like the already released Zombie Island of Dr Ned add-on, you’ll face new, uniquely themed enemies, almost all of them built from rusty Claptrap parts.

Audience: Borderlands players who have already logged 100 hours in the Pandora wastelands. Anyone who thinks Claptrap humour is still funny. People who like picking things up off the ground.

Why should I care about this game: It’s probably the last fresh helping of Borderlands you’re going to get for a long time. And if you’ve already played through everything Borderlands has to offer, it’s designed specifically with you in mind. New Robot Revolution an inside joke-stuffed send-off, full of memorable characters, amusing pro-robot propaganda and self-referential gags.

So, this is just more Borderlands, right? Pretty much. New environments to explore, new missions to undertake, a few character upgrades. There are new enemies and bosses to battle, some of them quite memorable, but most are variations on old enemies and bosses. Skags are now Skag-Traps. Midget Psychos are now Midget Psycho-Traps. Totally new are the militaristic Claptraps you fight – some of which sport Mr T mohawks, some of which smack at you with boxing gloves – and a few heavily armoured Hyperion soldiers.

I *really* like picking things up off the ground. Will I like this? You are going to love it. You’ll be sent on all manner of fetch quest in Claptrap’s New Robot Revolution, including one series of missions that ultimately sees you harvesting hundreds of Claptrap bits and pieces dropped by enemies. Hundreds. If you enjoyed the brain collecting grind of Zombie Island of Dr Ned, there’s more of the same loot farming here.

Actually, that sounds tedious. It can be, especially during endless walks to and fro in Borderlands’ big world. Fortunately, the Claptrap expansion maintains the same level of goofy humour and offers more of the same addictive just one more level gameplay.

Buy it: If acquiring more loot, more skill points and hundreds of surplus Claptrap parts sounds like the ideal way to spend another six hours in Borderlands.

Don’t buy it: If the mission “Braaaaaaaaaaaaains!” seriously pissed you off.

The bottom line: Claptrap’s New Robot Revolution doesn’t revolutionise the generally rock solid action of Borderlands, it just throws more of it onto the heaping pile. And that’s perfectly fine for ten bucks. The one-liners from Claptraps can grow as repetitive as the collecting of guns and ammo, but the add-on livens up near the end, which somehow borders on bittersweet.

What they promised:

What they delivered:

Borderlands – Claptrap’s New Robot Revolution was developed by Gearbox Software and published by 2K Games for the PlayStation 3, PC and Xbox 360 on September 28. Retails for 800 Microsoft Points or $US9.99. A copy of the game was given to us by the publisher for reviewing purposes. Played through the campaign and completed all but one side mission, primarily in single-player mode on Playthrough 1 with a level 44 Siren, on Xbox 360.


  • “Anyone who thinks Claptrap humour is still funny.”

    So it’s basically unsuitable for anyone who has graduated beyond GIR-esque super randumb robot zaniness?

    • Yeah, I loved the game, but I found the claptraps to be the Jar-Jar Binks of the robot world. And the game wouldn’t let me hurt them.

      • But now you can. A lot!

        This game has soooo much loot drops. I’ve maxed out my cash: $9999999! And can easily keep it at that.

        Not to mention the bonus Backpack SDUs, and huge maps! This is quite a good new expansion 😀

        • In case you weren’t aware, the game actually stores more than $9999999 but only shows that much. I haven’t had my cash drop below max for ages, and I’ve died and been told I was charged over 20mil for my New-U even though your max cash only displays less than 10mil and a New-U costs 7% of your cash. If you sell every gun you find in this DLC, you’ll never have to worry about money again.

  • While I am a fan of MORE borderlands, for the content they contain (usually a lot of recycled content from the main game, thrown in with a couple of new enemy types. Max Moxxie’s was the WORST for doing this) they are hardly worth $10.

    How is it Valve can release updates that contain as much, if not more content than the borderlands DLC’s for free, yet gearbox have to money grub us. Heck, it’s not as if borderlands did poorly, but then again you can say the same thing about Modern Warfare 2.

    So here I am in a state of dilemma. I bought Borderlands on day one and loved it. I would like to play these DLC’s, but in no way believe they are worth it, especially when other developers can give me the same content for nothing. I’m starting to dance around the ‘P’ word on this one…

      • Never said $10 was too much for me, I said it wasn’t WORTH $10. If someone tried to sell you a stick of gum for $10, refusing it doesn’t make it ‘too much for you’.

        Again, my primary concern is that we’ve moved on from the traditional $30 expansion pack that added a boatload of new content, to several smaller $10 packs that don’t really add anything new. Can you honestly argue that all four of these Borderlands DLC’s have more content than Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne? Anyone who’s been gaming for more than 10 years knows that DLC used to be called ‘patches’, and they were free.

      • I have played DLC’s before. I bought a couple of the Fallout 3 ones, and while I enjoyed them, decided that they weren’t worth the price. A friend of mine bought Mad Moxxie for his xbox version of borderlands, and we played through that. I’ve experienced the DLC model, and I don’t like it.

        • Having played DLC on one game doesn’t mean you have any idea what it’s like for another game, so judging value for money of Fallout DLC doesn’t help much at all when deciding what DLC for another game is worth. And as for Borderlands specifically, Moxxie’s was the worst in terms of new content. The other three, especially General Knoxx, added a lot more, and the latest DLC has a huge improvement on loot. It’s still the same guns, but I probably found 50 or more orange guns in the few hours I was playing. If you enjoy playing Borderlands and want to improve your arsenal, the Claptrap DLC will save you DAYS of hunting for a decent new weapon.

    • If you don’t like it don’t buy it. It is cheaper then a movie ticket, lasts longer and is more enjoyable then most films. Nuf said, stop trying to instigate a flame war!

  • in the 2nd video, how is this guy a level 70??
    i thought it was capped at 61, then there was an increase to 69 but that is only gunna be a free update but only when the GoTY edition comes out end of october…. (Must be a modded PC version i think)

    also, wtf is with his sheild…. i want one =P

  • It’s entirely plausible that this is a Gearbox employee giving a demonstration of the DLC. They’d have the capacity to edit their level and set their shields to over 1 trillion (Seriously, who could ever need that?). But like you said, it could just be a modded PC version though.

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