Playstation + Move + Butler = Explosive Viking Opera

Welcome back Kevin Butler, VP of wonderful advertising, we've missed you.

[Thanks madammina]


    hahahah that was the most brilliant piss-take of a wii ad i have ever seen... but at the same time it's an awesome ad for the move... pity i couldn't care less about motion controls..

    The ad needs more KB!

    HAHAHA is that the NZ Flag @ 00:22. Kudos to you Sony...

      Well spotted - that's awesome.

      KB is the best advertising Sony have done in ages - since the famous "double life" ad IMO.

        Agreed. KB has almost single-handedly restored Sony's reputation following their farcical handling of the first couple of years of the PS3's life. The KB ads have helped them win back a lot of the goodwill they p*ssed away prior to the launch of the slim.

    Doesn't matter what console or game you dig, no one can deny the power of Kevin Butler \m/

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