PlayStation Move + Game Guide

PlayStation Move + Game Guide

PlayStation Move + Game GuidePlayStation Move arrives today, alongside a moderate selection of casual games. Here’s a guide to what’s coming out when.

First off, the Move controller itself will RRP for $69.95, with the navigation controller for $49.95. Though some games like R.U.S.E. will allow you to use a DualShock controller in conjunction with Move, skipping the need for the navigation controller – it’s just not as purdy.

A Starter Pack that includes the PlayStation Eye Camera and Move controller will RRP for $99.95.

Already available with Move support are Tiger Woods PGA Golf 2011 and R.U.S.E., as well as Flight Control HD, becoming available on the PSN. And here’s some first impressions on some of the games below.

Here’s a list of games launching with Move support today:

PlayStation Move + Game GuideSports Champions Move required RRP $59.95

Start the Party! Move required RRP $59.95

PlayStation Move + Game GuideEyePet Move Edition Move required RRP $59.95

Kung Fu Rider Move required RRP $59.95

And here’s a list of games that’ll support Move later:

NBA 2K11 (Oct 2010) No excuses for not hittin’ that three-pointer.

Lord of the Rings: Aragorn’s Quest (Oct 2010) Wield the legendary sword of the King.

The Shoot (Oct 2010) Move required. It’s an on-rails shooter but sillier than Time Crisis. But not as silly as Point Blank. Somewhere in the middle.

TV Superstars (Oct 2010) Move required. Another minigame game, with you as a contestant on a reality TV show. Except it’s fictional reality. Unreal reality. Reality without the reality. I’ll stop now.

Heavy Rain Move Edition (2010) Now you can brush your teeth that much more realistically.

Time Crisis: Razing Zone (Nov 2010) Familiar arcade on-rails shooting action, with the option of using a gun peripheral to hold your Move wand.

PlayStation Move + Game GuideLittleBigPlanet 2 (Nov 2010) With an even crazier level editor.

The Fight (Nov 2010) Move required. Bareknuckle boxing simulator.

Singstar Dance (Nov 2010) Singstar + DDR. The bane of your neighbours.

SOCOM: Special Forces (2011) Pretend your ice cream cones are a gun. As if you didn’t do that already, anyway.

Killzone 3 (Feb 2011) If you’re Richie Rich, you can continue the fight against the Helghast with two Move controllers as your gun AND in 3D.

Did we miss any important ones? Let us know in the comments below.


  • Not sure if you can give me some help, but my ps3 is the core of my theatre room. Its ace for games (3 meter screen ftw) and movies, and I really am dying to have a go at echochrome 2.
    BUT, will the Move work in a theatre room?? As it is reallllly dark in there. I’m sure the kids would have a ball with eyepet, but, with only the ambient (reflective?) light bouncing off the screen, would that be enough for the camera to pick up?

    • From what I’ve read the PS Eye likes light — like, a spotlight for best results. So the more light the better…

      Having said that, I’ve had the Eye for ages and tried it with some Store games and it was fine in normal lounge room conditions.

      • Thanks for the input, I guess that counts out eyepet, but what will this mean for other move games? I guess I need input from someone whose tried it in a theatre environment. Maybe wait a few weeks until more moves are out in the wild I guess?

  • K Mart yesterday were putting up displays and such. I saw the the Starter Pack in a Catalogue they had on the counter for $79.95. The catologue had all their tickets attached to place on the display.

    • I got mine this morning from Kmart. Its $79 which I thought was the cheapest until I got to work, read the Advertiser and saw an advert for Harvey Norman selling it for $74! I say thats a bargain. Considering you pay about $65 for the Move controller itself.

  • Also out today is

    Resident Evil 5 Gold w/move support $69.95
    Racket Sports (Ubisoft) $59.95

    As for deals, JB are doing a Move Starter Pack with a charge cable for $79

    Also for 4 days, 320GB PS3 w/move starter kit for $548

    or 320GB PS3 w/move starter pack and Red Dead or FFXIII for $599

    Also, JB are selling the Move enabled games that are out today for $49 (except for RE 5)

  • You forgot Tumble on PSN – which is supposed to be pretty good.

    Think Move support is coming for some older PSN games – Pain, Hustle Kings, and High Velocity Bowling.

  • I have some questions. There are actually 2 types of move controler yes? The one with the coloured ball on the end and the one with out. Now the one with the coloured ball is the actual motion controler. Whats the other one for then? When you buy a move controler or a pack that includes the eye toy does it also include the other controler? When a game needs 2 move controlers such as sports champion and shooting a bow does it mean 2 of the controlers with coloured balls on the end?

    • Yep Dire, they mean 2 with the coloured balls. Those Sports Champions games like Archery and Gladiator have a one controller option, but they’re more fun with two. Just means you have to buy another.

      I haven’t seen a pack that includes the navigation controller yet, but I don’t really see a need for it yet. If games keep allowing you to use a Dualshock controller along with your Move controller, it seems redundant.

    • Unfortunately yes. If you want to get the *real* Move experience with all the games, you need to have two Move controllers and a Sub controller. Thats just for single player. I’ve only just opened mine after work right now. Its quite amazing how accurate the thing is but it SERIOUSLY lacks core games at the moment. The demos are very meh and I won’t be picking up any of them at retail. I am waiting for Time Crisis Razing Storm and I’m slightly interested in Heroes On the Move depending on how it turns out. I want to try it out with Killzone 3 when that comes out. Hopefully more interesting games are on the way.

  • Sony themselves are out of stock of Move MoCons and NavCons, so if you want to get hold of either or both, get in asap before stores sell thru.

    Most places seem to have a bajillion Starter packs at the moment tho.

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