PlayStation Move Takes Another Poke At Kinect

PlayStation Move Takes Another Poke At Kinect

Earlier this week, Kevin Butler, Sony’s (fake) vice president o’snark, took a dig at Kinect in the latest TV commercial for PlayStation Move. Now there’s an entire site up implying that buttons in motion control result in games that “don’t suck”. drives home the point by making you click a button 48 times to get to the end of the spiel, definitely written in a Butler-esque tone of voice. But directly slamming Kinect’s you-are-the-controller design, Sony calls buttons important – “Not like ‘save the whales important’, more like ‘not play games that suck’ important’.”

Pause buttons are important, the site says. What about spoken commands? “There’s no way that could backfire,” it points out. Further, with buttons, “game developers can make them do anything! That means games with buttons are awesome too.” Burrrrrrn.

OK, Sony, we get it. Buttons are useful to motion control gaming. We’ve known that for about, oh, three years.

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  • Grow up, Sony. This sort of immature marketing makes me embarrassed to have a PS3 sitting in my entertainment unit. For a while there – around the PS3 Slim release, I think – it seemed like they’d smartened up, but they’re well and truly back into old habits now.

    • Hopefully you don’t own a Mac or you are a big hypocrite.

      I don’t mind the way Sony is going about advertising Move, although I would like to see be a bit more about the Move itself.

      • I do own a Mac, but that doesn’t mean I always agree with Apple, the same as how I really like the PS3 but don’t always like the company behind it.

        I’ve got no problem with humour in advertising – the Kevin Butler stuff I saw was great – but this particular example seems really inane. Think of it this way, if someone posted half of that stuff here or on another gaming community, they’d be derided as a fanboy. If Sony want to explain why they think Move is better than Kinect in a humorous manner, that’s awesome… but they should combine humour with a meaningful argument. That‘s the kind of advertising I want to see.

        • Games are heaps better with buttons. That’s their point, and it sounds pretty damn meaningful to me. They’re being humourous about it, but they do make valid points.

  • I’m no fanboy of either xbox or PS3, have played both, however I am a man of integrity, and if i had purchase PS3 or 360, I wouldn’t be picking up a PS3 when the makers are full of themselves.

    So the Kinect doesn’t have buttons, it’s tailored for a specific audience not all gamers in general. Besides give it a few creative minds and it could get a replica weapon controller and beat move in FPS for all they know [throw in hand signals and there could be a viable tactical shooter].

    I’ll stick to PC’s for now.

    • There will not be FPS on Kinect as long as that lag is there.

      Also, Kinect is actually ‘tailored’ to open up the gamer install base by making it seem less technical to play games. Instead- judging by my experience with it so far- it may end up alienating everyone else except for Wii casual gamers. Who are numerous yes, but HAVE ALREADY GOT A WII, and will probably not need to spend another $600 to have a hi-def, less flexible one.

      You might argue that Move is in the same boat, but the responsiveness of Move over Kinect, as well as Sony actually delivering on Move capability and support FROM LAUNCH, mean that you CAN play FPSs, tactical shooters, beaters, sandboxers, platformers and all those other genres where timing is particularly crucial. Which is most games.

      Yes I will have Kinect from launch. But there is a reason it will be in the kids room and not in mine.

  • I consider myself a hardcore gamer, and I am quite excited about the prospect of not having to hold a controller for certain types of games.
    This Sony campaign reeks of “holy shit, we’ve been out done again!”
    Epic fail at trying to promote tech that NINTENDO pioneered long ago…

  • I’m actually quite enjoying Sony’s current marketing strategy. The ads with Kevin Butler tend to be quite hilarious, and targeted in a way that’s supposed to be fun. Hell, I’d take these over the early PS3 ads any day of the week. Kevin Butler makes me want to have a PS3, period.

    Sure, some see them as a little immature. But who here hasn’t personally laughed at the unintentionally hilarious Wii ads featuring ‘lifestyle shots’ of people playing the Wii in an overly excited fashion? Somebody at Sony appears to have:

    And sure, some of the ads are none-too-subtle jabs at their competitors. But by the same token, Valve has taken to badmouthing Microsoft directly without any sense of subtlety, and people seem happy to not call them on it. It’s about time video game companies stopped being so politically correct and have some fun with each other, like they did back in the 16-bit era. And really, isn’t it also a bit immature to not be able to accept an advertisement for what it is; an attempt to push a product forward as being superior to the other options?

    And finally, while Kevin Butler’s E3 speech had a couple of digs at their competitors (“Pew pew!”), overall it was a (reasonably) heartfelt speech about how games in all shapes and forms are pretty much awesome. And really, isn’t that what really matters?

  • Lol since when was everyone so high and mighty around here? I own all 3 consoles, and I’m not a fanboy of any particular one. But honestly, this is just a playful marketing scheme, who really cares? Surely by now, people like us who come to Kotaku have deicided our conole(s) of choice and a silly marketing campaign shouldn’t change our views.

  • This makes someone embarassed to own a PS3? Sheesh, I am surprised you can have any fun gaming at all, given the stress of keeping a po face and a stern demeanour.

    I thought the site was amusing, and I think Kevin Butler is the best thing that has happened to game marketing in years. Put it this way, which ads would you rather see – the saccharine “happy families playing together” ads of Kinect, or the KB ad for Move where he is dressed like a viking?

    Well done to Sony, lets hope MS fire back.

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