PlayStation Shopping With Class

After ten years, San Francisco's PlayStation Store closed. Fret not! In Japan, the PlayStation shopping experience lives on.

As detailed last fall with blurry pics and layout plans, Japanese retailer Labi rolled out redone PlayStation sections for its Ikebukuro branch.

The PlayStation concept store provides customers with a throughly stylish and classy PS buying experience as evident by these photos.

Osaka's Nipponbashi also has a PlayStation concept store as well.

Photos Of Japan's PlayStation Concept Stores [Siliconera]


    Oh, I did not know about this in Japan... thats a must visit next year when I head over. DROOOOL.

    Alot of black in these pics.

      Haha, true. If you have the older PS3 you will know how much of a bitch it is to keep them dust free. Something the interior designer didn't take in to account.

    Wonder if they have Kevin Butler figurines...

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