PlayStation Store To Start Selling Japanese Imports This Month?

A press release from MonkeyPaw Games indicates that Imports on the PlayStation Store is starting up on the PlayStation Network next week, with shooters Cho Aniki and GaiaSeed acting as launch titles for the new service.

We've heard a PlayStation Network import store talked about in rumours before, but this is the first concrete information we can recall seeing about the service, which will allow North American players to purchase Japanese titles directly through PSN in their original form.

According to MonkeyPaw Games, the service launches on September 21 and will give games that never made it overseas a chance to shine. Games like Cho Aniki, the bizarre shooter filled with half naked men and the pulsing techno beat of GaiaSeed.

We've heard absolutely nothing from Sony regarding the new service at this point, and it seems strange that MonkeyPaw would drop this news before Sony itself. We've reached out to Sony Computer Entertainment America for comment and will update once the company responds.

In the meantime, visit MonkeyPaw Games for details on the games and instructions on how to play for the Japanese-impaired.


    Just waiting for the reveal that we don't get it in Australia...

      I was just about to say, "Why not? Maybe now we will have a chance to get Xenogears, etc down here."

      Surely if Imports hits the Euro PS store, we get it by default...

    Oh well.. Just means I'd have to hook my PC Engine up to play some more Cho Aniki :D

    the new designs mostly look like rehashed old pokemon and some of the old ones mashed together, look at the final evolve of the fire starter and see how many other pokemons parts you can name there, i get atleast 4-5

    I assumed this wouldn't be possible legally because of rights of distribution etc. Oh well, hope it works, I want to get some Cho Aniki action on...

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