Pokémon Black And White, Already Beaten

America might be Halo and Civ obsessed now, but there's a brand new Pokémon out in Japan. It's already been beaten, the ending uploaded for all to see. That's the last clip here. Earlier, less spoilery-y gameplay in the others.

Do you not want major spoilers? Then check out this YouTube user's capture of the game's first gym battle. The graphics are indeed snazzier!

Pokémon Black and White Gym Battle #1

And here's a little more gameplay - more spoiler-y - from later in the Black & White

And - biggest spoiler! - here is the Pokémon Black and White ending:


    Wow... I REALLY hate the new pokemon designs :(

    Does anything still play this thing? I've stopped since Yellow.

      Yellow... Best Pokemon Game. EVER! Except maybe Crystal :D Yeah they should've stopped at Crystal.

    You'd better take those videos off or we won't see our favourite gaming news website ever again! D:

    I might grab it when it's in english. It looks like its a bit more story oriented than the others.

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