Pokemon Black & White Roster Revealed

Well, not technically revealed. It's more a case of the game already being available in Japan an super sleuths extracting the info. You can find a full list at Pokebeach, along with some info about the Elite Four.

Via [The Escapist]


    Wow.. they've gone kind of... interesting with the design direction.

    They all looked like cutesy weird japanese monsters before but now.. they're VERY japanese if that makes sense.

    That kind of looks like a penis.

    Do not want...

    .... I'm still going to get the game, but I'm not a fan of the new pokemon.

      I loved exploring the worlds they create for Pokemon. Its a little too shallow for multiple playthroughs but I love the initial sense of adventure and exploration.. but!

      I spend a long take fussing over the team I take through the elite 4. I pick the ones that are not only useful, but also appeal to me aesthetically.

      I've loved almost every iteration of Pokemon so far but it feels like SoulSilver will have been my last one... I just can't connect with what I'm seeing there :(

      Don't like the new pokemon? They've always looked as misplaced as the new ones. Honestly don't see the "they all look weird" argument which floats around since, really, they've never looked normal.

        I think artstyle counts for a lot. Take a look at Charizard for example. Very respectable and aggressive looking. None of the sprites displayed there have the same kind of relatability to western art design and tastes.

        They're either all chibi or just plain strange. The original pokemon were also strange but somehow understandable in many ways. These new ones... too cute and too strange :/

    Big fan of pokemon, can't wait for this to go stateside! Some of them look a bit bizarre, but there are plenty of cool ones. If i decide I don't like any of them, I can just transfer across some of my dudes from Heart Gold.

    Daw I hoping for more freaky factor. Quite a few look like rehashes of older pokemon. :/

    alot of them look and resemble alot of other pokemon from previous generations, just a different shape :|

      I noticed that too. Or they just look like old pokemon with extra bits attached. Did you see the LUVDISC with wings?
      Kinda disappointing.

    One word to say about that picture.

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