Pokemon Team Rocket Cosplay Awarded Rare 40/40

We've seen our share of Team Rocket cosplay from hardcore Pokemon fans, but never anything quite this good, with every hair on Jessie's head in its right place, every Pokeball expertly polished.

We can thank Russian dress-up artists "Malro-Doll" and "Ryoko-Demon" for their perfect Pokemon thief cosplaying contributions. Head to their respective deviantArt accounts to marvel at their other works.

We'll see how Japan responds at next week's Tokyo Game Show, sure to be packed to the walls with cosplay that's hopefully this good or better.


    HAHAHA That is the sickest cosplay... even the body structure is the same as the characters in the cartoons!

    Good work

    To protect the world from Americization
    To unite all people in Soviet Nation
    To keep capitalist spending in the dark
    To promote the teachings of noble Marx
    Russian Jessie
    Russian James
    Russian Team Rocket will bid you adieu
    For in Soviet Russia, Pokemon steal YOU!


      Well played, well played indeed.

    I think I could do James pretty well, but maybe not this well.

    LOL the second picture has a "Rocket" launcher in the background. I see what you did thar.

    Where's meowth? Minus twenty points.

    I've been to about 4-5 manifests this year and I've never seen any of them have come this close. It's incredibly impressive. Lots of people make small mistakes when cosplaying, but I think it's, well, perfect.

    James is a girl. I wish I could say I was surprised.

    One problem... Jessie never has a rose. It's just James that does.

    Still, veeeery cool.

    mmm ladies.

    They should have had a beige cat on two legs with a big coin stuck on it's head lmao

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