Possible Ico/Shadow Bundle Due April

If you're like us, you'll be glued to your computer over the next week, desperate for anything related to The Last Guardian to come out of the Tokyo Game Show. But Gamasutra has pointed to evidence that the Ico series, just like the God of War series, could be receiving a HD makeover before the third game's release.

The US' largest retailer and formerly the most profitable company in the world, Wal-Mart, had the Ico/Shadow of the Colossus pack available for preorder at $39.82USD, to be released April 1st, 2011.

Eurogamer is also has an industry source claiming the European version will be available for preorder in the next few days.

Not only did both games boast technological achievements for their time, Ico and Shadow arguably hold the highest torch when arguing for games as an art form. Yet Ico especially had a limited release, and you'll have a hard time finding either game in the preorder section of your local game shop, or even eBay for that matter.

It would also be fantastic to replay these classics with a better framerate than they shipped with (one of their few flaws), and widescreen HD. Given the new information, Sony is expected to make an announcement at TGS. Over to you, Sony...




    TGS needs to have at least one of the following...

    + Announcement that ICO/SOTC HD update is real (bonus is they give a real date also)

    + A release date for The Last Guardian

    Otherwise the internet will melt down with tears! One of these will keep us gamers happy with something to look forward too!

    The best chance for us to see a high def ico/sotc release is if they get released at the same time or soon after The Last Guardian to help raise its profile.

      I would have thought it would be released BEFORE The Last Guardian to boost interest prior to it's release.

    Come on, Sony, you know we want this. What does a GBP24.99 price tag usually equate to over here? About $70, same as the GOW collection?

    I bought both of these when they released on PS2, and I'd buy this on day 1 if I can get SotC running with a good, steady framerate.

    It'll probably devalue my now-rare PS2 editions, but I wasn't planning on selling them anyway :P

      The aussie dollar is running riot at the moment. 25 GBP is a little over $40 AUS..

      I also own the PS2 originals (in slipcase). I'm not selling them either. They're now part of my permanent collection. A keepsake, and a reminder of my first playthrough. Good memories.

        Yeah, I know what the actual exchange rate is, but that doesn't usually get reflected in the pricing of games over here, does it? :P You generally need to look at what ridiculously overinflated price they charged us for some other game with a similar UK price tag and assume go with that price, not what the currency exchange rate says it should be.

    I have a perfect condition copy of Ico on PS2 (with the art cards and all), but Shadow of the Colossus I would still love to find - not that I've looked very hard.

    This will be a compelling reason to buy a PS3.

    GBP24.00 is a little over AU$40 because importing it will be much cheaper than paying $70 for it here at local stores.

    ozgameshop.com will probably do a decent price

    theres no guarantee that its not the longest setup to an april fools joke ever lol

    It would be awesome if they released Shadow of the Colossus as a "director's cut". There were colossi removed from the final game, and the last colossus was also changed. I'm happy to wait, if they can include the missing parts, and also do a stellar job of porting it to HD.

    If Fumito Ueda is involved, then I'm sure it'll be a great port. He's a perfectionist, and will not tolerate a graphically substandard port.

    I don't own a PS3 but the day this is confirmed is the day that changes.

    A mate of mine saw Shadow of the Colossus at EB in the city a few weeks ago for $30. He decided not to get it at the time but when I spoke to him a couple of hours later I told him he really should go back and get it. He did, but alas, it was already gone.

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