Press 'A' To Win ManStruggle

To triumph over their friends in Grab's new Facebook game ManStruggle, players need to bring their "A" key.

How does a developer make a fighting game that is accessible to Facebook's social-gaming audience? They throw out the complicated parts, like combos, special moves, punching and kicking. All one needs to do to triumph over their enemies in ManStruggle is pound on the "A" button on their keyboard as fast as they can. It's like Track and Field with only one event and one button.

Grab allows players to change the colour of their man's hair and shorts, but that's as complicated as it gets.

ManStruggle can be played against Facebook friends, random strangers, the CPU or in local multiplayer mode. Keep in mind that a local multiplayer opponent will have to learn the subtle nuance of the "L" key.

ManStruggle is now ready to play on Facebook, if you've got the skills.


    Cool, something I can finally win! I'll just make a Python script that presses 'a' every millisecond or so when I hold a key down :D

    What? Nothing about bringing their "A" game?

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