Prince Of Persia Almost Went Modern Day

The Prince of Persia franchise may have dodged a bullet this generation, saving fans from the discomfort of seeing the series thrust into the modern age, an idea that was ultimately scrapped for a PoP reboot of a different nature.

Deus Ex: Human Revolution art director Jonathan Jacques-Belletête tells CVG that he once led a small team of Ubisoft developers on a project that would have starred a modern day prince platforming through a post-apocalyptic desert world.

"Think a bit Day After Tomorrow, but replace the snow with sand and everything," Jacques-Belletête says of the scrapped Prince of Persia. The designer says that Ubi sought something "completely out of the left field", but nixed that project in favour of the stylised 2008 Prince of Persia.

Given the somewhat rocky nature of the Prince of Persia brand over the past decade, it wouldn't have come as too much of a surprise to see such a serious shake-up. But it sure sounds... scary.

Modern day Prince of Persia scrapped by Ubisoft [CVG]


    That actually sounds like a pretty decent game to be honest :/

    i'm not sure this may have been a better thing than the 08 game

    what with it's no death, no challenge, open worldness with an reset story

    That sounds god awful, thank god.

    nice Mos Def "The Ecstatic" album cover there

    That game does actually sound pretty interesting. But why did it have to be a Prince of Persia game? Couldn't they have made the game as stand-alone... in the style of PoP? I'm surprised that Assassin's Creed didn't start off as a reboot of the PoP canon... Just because someone might buy it based on it being part of the PoP franchise.

    "May have dodged a bullet"? "Saving fans from the discomfort"? I'd have much preferred to see the devs try something new and interesting rather then rehashing that which has been done before (especially so many times).

    Think Mario Galaxy - "Mario in space? That could never work." Think Wind Waker - "Zelda at sea? That would be terrible." Both were the pinnacle of their respective series.

      I agree, then this very website complains about rehashes. The stylised PoP was poop in my opinion anyway.

      Weak article.

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