Project Sword Is Epic's First Unreal Engine iPhone Game

Gears of War and Unreal Tournament creators Epic Games will bring competitive multiplayer sword-based combat, powered by its Unreal Engine, to the iPhone later this year with slash-em-up Project Sword.

Epic's Mike Capps and Donald Mustard - he of Shadow Complex development fame - showed off the first-person and third-person slasher at Apple's event in San Francisco this morning, demonstrating how players can meet up in multiplayer sessions via the iPhone's Game centre matchmaking service.

Mustard explored a colourful medieval world, showcasing its impressive graphical detail before engaging in battle with Capps. The game looked sharp, smooth and playable with nothing more than a few swipes of the screen. Game Center-powered achievements popped onscreen as the Epic Games' developers battled. It looked good.

Project Sword is due to hit the iPhone sometime around Christmas.


    are they releasing this tech to Android as well?? The Samsung Galaxy S GPU is 250+% more powerful than the iPhone4 FFS!!

      but the iPhone user base is much larger :(

        i agree doubleDizz. i own a nexus one with android 2.2. snap dragon can run U3E with more FPS

    Excited to know that I have such a great game to look forward to. There is definitely no reason why Android should miss out; unless of course it just doesn't seem to attract to attract the attention of Epic Games.

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