PS3 Jailbreak Code Hits Internet, No Stopping It Now

The code powering the PS3's first modchip is now officially out there, meaning anyone with an internet connection and a USB micro-controller can crack open the copy-protection on their console.

The PSGroove, a new jailbreak solution engineered from the same code that powers the first modchip, is touted as an "open source" PS3 exploit, meaning it's not out for profit, not being sold by anyone and doesn't have a company name behind it to pin a lawsuit on.

This development renders Sony's impending court showdown with Australian retailers a shallow public relations gesture at best. Why? Because defeating them would be like cutting one head off a million-headed hydra; now that PS3-cracking code is out there online, and the only device you require to operate it is a legally-available PC accessory, anyone that has the will to back-up their PS3 games and the ability to read an internet forum will be able to do it.

I'll be honest, the codework on this flies a mile over my head, but you can get a full account of how it all works at the link below.

PSGroove - Open Source PS JailBreak PS3 Exploit is Released! [PS3News]


    Can't wait for the next firmware roll out...

    Great! Just what Sony needs to help hurry along the "fix" in the next firmware update.

    It doesn't look like you can copy retail games to your harddrive with this since it doesn't have backup manager support, only run pirated discs. Right? But, you CAN run unsigned code (possibly pre-production discs and homebrew). Right?

    If it's freeware and not for retail any more, can Sony legally stop it now?

      Well *someone* released it, so technically yes they could go after the original source. Practically, depends upon where they reside I guess.

      As soon as Sony produces a firmware update/patch however it'll need someone to release updated jailbreak code (expertise obviously needed) so consequently the same technical/practical issues arise again.

      I imagine if Sony is confident of their position, they'll still push for a legal judgement as it would give them a precedent and make it easier to go after any distributors of the commercial or open source solution.

    It might be like cutting at a million headed hydra, but you still eat an elephant one bite at a time.

    See the homebrew side of this is pretty exciting as I realy liked the xbox media centre on the old xbox.

    Funny thing is that since the XBMC was put out, it was a step forward from the original xbox from a media centre perspective. This functionalily is now standard so streaming movies/pictures, web interface etc are somewhat standard on current gen consoles, so the appeal of this is reduced.

    If this sticks around, then it may generate some interesting projects so we will see...

    Sure glad i didn't pre order the PS3 Jailbreak. All 3 Australian sites selling it have listed sold out anyway.
    Feel sorry for the poor suckers who have already paid.

      I don't know about the other two Aussie suppliers, but Mod Supplier gave me a full refund on the same day the injunction was announced.

    And now Sony approves of the internet filter. Banning people from going to piracy sites is not a large step from banning people from going to drug use sites.

      A shame for Sony that right now Labor is winning then.

        labor supports the filter too... the greens are against it though

        Labor are for the filter.
        Liberal have come out against and the Greens are against.

    Wondering if we will be having weekly PSN updates now...

    Good luck to anyone running this thing. You will certainly be blocked from PSN, and there's nothing the dongle can do about that.

    Also, the dongle may be able to prevent forced FW updates, BUT that will simply make the system redundant. Obviously, Sony's next move is to release games that REQUIRE a FW update.

    So if you want to have a PS3 that is trapped in time, running 'homebrew', fine. But you won't be able to play GT5, for example.

      You haven't really done any research into how this actually works, have you?

      spout more self-righteous sony fanboyism?

    I'd like to see the "other os" option return - with any luck the homebrew geniuses will now be able to do this, sending a message loud and clear to the guys who canned it for the slim.

    I'm just happy to know that in 10 years time when sony have stopped releasing games for the PS3 that I will still be able to use it for homebrew (much like I use XBMC on my old xbox now).

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