PS3 Update Has Killed Three Old Mad Catz Controllers

New controllers from major third-party game controller manufacturer Mad Catz won't explode or otherwise malfunction when connected to PlayStation 3s running unofficial controller-hating firmware, 3.50. But three old models won't work, the company tells Kotaku.

Mad Catz has tested its controllers and found that the following three don't function with upgraded PS3s, company spokesman Alex Verrey explained in an email.

The models are:

- The 2008 Wireless PS3 GamePad (Only the one released prior to 2008, current version in stores works fine) - The 2008 Wired PS3 GamePad (Only the one released prior to 2008, current version in stores works fine) - The PS3 Wireless MicroCon (Now discontinued)

New Mad Catz peripherals, be they controllers, Street Fighter IV sticks or Rock Band instruments, should work fine with the PS3, Verrey said. He urged anyone with concerns to contact Mad Catz customer service.


    Just because their discontinued doesn't mean that people won't be using them still.
    All this shit with console companies is getting ridiculous, I would even view it as selfish.
    I'm thinking if shit stays like this that the PS3 will be the last console I buy, and I'll stick to PC.

      Are you really surprised to see SONY prevent unlicensed 3rd party controllers from working? Microsoft and Nintendo do the same thing with the 360/Wii firmware updates.

    Technically, could Mad Catz release firmware updates for the controllers? Presumably you'd be able to hook them up to a PC via USB...

    This is ridiculous, and only harms the average consumer. Its not like this will stop companies from making fake controllers - they WILL find a way around it.

    Still got Firmware 3.15 on my ps3...... Bwahahaha!! :-D

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