Question Time! Your Chance To Interview NFS/MoH Developers

Question Time! Your Chance To Interview NFS/MoH Developers

Question Time! Your Chance To Interview NFS/MoH DevelopersKotaku AU has an interview later today with the Senior Creative Director on Medal of Honor, Richard Farrelly. We’ll also be talking to Matt Webster, Senior Producer on Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit. Got any burning questions for either of these lads? Leave them in the comments below.


  • I’d be curious to know what their experience of hiring new staff is like. Has it changed in this new climate of tertiary games design courses? Do graduates of those courses suck or are they better than someone without that kind of experience. Et cetera.

  • I’d like to know what’s going to set this new need for speed apart from all the previous iterations. Or is it just a straight re-hash of the old hot persuit with nice graphics?

  • What is the Medal of Honor team doing in terms of separating itself from the competition (Call of Duty, for example), gameplay and story-wise?

  • All the questions I would love to ask just don’t get answered by these type of folk. I understand why but for me most of these interviews fall into the Major Nelson type where it is all fluff and positive spin on everything. Basically just a PR push close to the sale of the game to increase sales. I would love to get the honest opinion on how they are going to challenge CoD, How much pressure there is from above to produce a clone game in hope of tapping into the finnancial succes. How much creative freedom do they really take into a game like this etc.

  • Matt:
    How important will the car itself (as opposed to upgrades) end up being in Hot Pursuit? Are we going to see everyone driving Veyrons or will my Lotus be fairly competitive?

    …There will be a Lotus right? *looks worried*

  • Will there be hand/ E brake turns in NFS? I loved doing insanely fast e brake turns in Burnout paradise and why isnt there Ferrari’s in the game?

  • Will you be dealing with the failure of direct action to influence the overall success of the conflict at a time when operations are guided by less offensive COIN thinking? How do you present any measure of success when a majority of the opponents your characters will face are local Afghans paid by the ‘Taliban’ to shoot at foreigners? It could be viewed that every enemy death you cause in some situations represents a failure of the mission.

    On another note, creatively how do you bring together SP and MP elements developed by different teams (different engines?) into a cohesive experience?

  • For Mr Farrelly on MoH:

    How is that with your input from experienced special forces operators in the development of your game that the combat looks in absolutely no way what it does in real life?

  • Will there be Australian servers for consol for MOH?
    Don’t let them get away with saying its up to EA. Ea says its dice, dice says its EA.

  • one for Matt;

    what has the Criterion team done to vary the multiplayer chases? i’m not expecting “Blur” style weapons/shields, but barreling down a highway can get kinda stale over time.

  • What’s more of the focus when it comes to development of this game, story or gameplay? If story, then how would a helicopter section contribute to the exploits of the tier one operatives?

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