Rare Comes Clean On Shocking ‘Kameo Is A Fairy’ Allegations

Rare Comes Clean On Shocking ‘Kameo Is A Fairy’ Allegations

Kameo, the tribal-tattooed star of Xbox 360 launch title Kameo: Elements of Power, is a fairy, developer Rare says in a new interview with Edge magazine, a cover up designed to appeal to the Xbox’s more violence-loving fan base.

So says Rare creative director George Andreas to Edge, via CVG, admitting that the Kameo we know and (possibly) love is not a burly, testosterone elf, but a fairy. Truly unsettling. Talking about the development of that game, Andreas says, is “painful”.

“We changed direction slightly because of the new audience we were trying to aim at,” Andreas says.

“We called Kameo an elf, but really she was a fairy. We tried to disguise that a few times, but it didn’t really work out. It was a game with a fairy for an audience that likes shooting and killing things.” I don’t know about you, but I never would’ve suspected. A fairy of all things!

The Rare creative director believes that the UK-based developer, snapped up by Microsoft in 2002, might have been better off scrapping Kameo, originally a GameCube game, and starting from scratch.

Rare: Kameo should have been ‘scrapped’ [CVG]


  • Should have scrapped Kameo? Oh hell no, Kameo was fun.

    I dunno about everyone else, but I knew kameo was a fairy the whole time.

    • Yeah I also knew she was a fairy. I mean come on she had wings and could fly for a very brief moment. Some people thought she was an Elf? seriously WTF.

  • As a testosterone fuelled gamer, while I think this game is good it doesn’t really appeal to me no matter what species the main character is. They could have called her a troll and it would have made no real difference to the appeal.

    Maybe it would have been more popular if they called a rose a rose, the 360 would have wider appeal.

  • Fully – I was shocked by this article because it seems like people were/are shocked that she was a fairy. I mean, cmon… she was a hot, petite/nimble bodied girl with wings who could ‘flutter’ around for brief intervals.

    Anyone who thought she was an Elf, and not even the tiniest bit of a fairy, probably thinks Master Chief is a Smurf and will be disappointed to find out that he is, in fact, a hideous cyborg.

    Also, Kameo was fun albeit short – I’d play a sequel!

    Also, check out Scooby Doo and the Spooky Swamp later this month – support Aus Developers cause the industry here is struggling atm!

    • while i agree that we should support aus developers, its a bit of a crock to say that the industry here is struggling ATM, our industry is always struggling, its the nature of the beast.

      without government incentives most of our talent heads for overseas companies, i highly doubt our industry will advance beyond anything more than indie games and wii ports.

      • I totally agree – but it is definitely an exception at the moment with all of the liquidations. Transmission, Pandemic, Redtribe and other’s stuggling along – it’s sort of hit a low point!

        The government needs to provide support for this industry… but, as will anything, no one will really back you until you prove, beyond all odds, that you are profitable.

        I think Australia is capable of more than Shovelware and Indy games – technical talent is the easy part… we need that one clear vision and the financial backing to see it into reality. We just need that chance to prove ourselves on a global scale!

  • OR a theory could be, because Sookie is part fairy in True Blood, fairies will begin to rise in popularity and they’re jumping on the bandwagon early?

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