Reach Cracks Billboard's Top 200

Per its name, The Billboard 200 is a weekly list of the 200 highest-selling albums in the US. The official soundtrack for Halo: Reach debuted at No.157 for the past week, the best mark ever for the franchise.

Past Halo soundtracks have also hit Billboard's 200 - Halo 2 got up to 162 in 2004; Halo 3 spent just one week at 200 in 2007, and Halo 3: ODST spent one week at 179 last year.

Billboard notes that all sales of the Halo: Reach soundtrack so far are digital-only; the album's physical release is on September 28.

But it is the first Halo soundtrack to crack the top 10 on Billboard's Soundtracks rankings, debuting at No.8.

Weekly Chart Notes: Bruno Mars, Rihanna, "Halo" [Billboard]


    Well deserved I feel. The halo games have always had a fantastic soundtrack accompanying them.

    Is it available on the Australian iTunes yet?

    Not yet it seems. Maybe on the 28th.

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