Reader Review: Mega Man Zero Collection

Reader Review: Mega Man Zero Collection

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This review was submitted by Alex Caldera. If you’ve played the Mega Man Zero Collection, or just want to ask Alex more about it, leave your thoughts in the comments below.

Mega Man Zero Collection (DS)

Mega Man Zero Collection brings together the immensely popular four games in the Mega Man Zero series that were originally on GBA into one easy to handle package that lets you play as the main hero, as well as some of the original bosses.

Loved Difficulty: Sure, as many have complained before in the past, the games are extremely difficult, but I loved the complete complexity in the game. If it was too easy, it would be no fun, and if it was too hard, you would just give up, but the level of difficulty is perfect for advanced gamers.

Plot: A good game is obviously designed around good gameplay, but a good plot always makes a game so much more interesting. The plot, which is based many years in the future, is gripping, and the amazing looking Reploid’s, cool looking robots, make everything more enjoyable.

Linear Gameplay: Mega Man Zero plays in a linear fashion, similar to Mario, but in a totally different style. You have the choice of either a sword, a gun, or depending on the game, a chain rod or spear. All of these weapons work absolutely amazingly with the linear fashion.

Length: The first game alone took me about 3 and a half hours to complete, with newer players telling me it took them about 7 hours, so if this doesn’t prove that the game provides hours and hours of entertainment, because of all the four games, I don’t know what does.

Music: I guess many people complain that the Game Boy Advance never really had a good soundtrack on it, but Mega Man Zero’s soundtrack is amazing. Bringing a ‘pixelly’ sound mixed in with good bass lines and effective beats makes boss fights and overall gameplay just that much more enjoyable.

Hated Difficulty: Sure, I know this is contradicting to what I said above, but the difficulty can really turn some players off the game. With such an infamous difficulty, it can be hard to just pick up and play when you’re bored; for some it can be a very arduous task, which just isn’t worth the time and effort.

Nothing has changed: When most games are ported to a newer console, the developer usually adds something to make the game that bit better, but unfortunately this is not the case. The game is exactly the same, no changes, no dice.

Controls: Some enemies require you to dash, move, shoot AND jump at the same time, which involves pressing 5 buttons simultaneously, to avoid getting hurt, which can be VERY annoying when you’re trying to play.

Overall, Megaman Zero Collection is one of the best games I’ve played in a long time. Being a long time fan of the series, I thoroughly enjoyed playing all four of the games, which really got my blood boiling. I would easily recommend this game to anyone, because it’s easy to pick up, and drags you in to inescapable depths.

Reviewed by: Alex Caldera

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    • Thanks for the support mate 😀

      And yea, I have to admit, I had my fair share of getting destroyed, and by fair share, I mean losing about 50 million lives 😛

  • Nice review. Laughed when I saw the “difficulty” under both headings. Just a reminder to anyone interested in the game; JB is currently selling this for $29. Got it about a week ago.

    • Thanks mate 😀
      And yea, I thought It would be a good idea to do that :p
      Actually, Jb hifi is exactly where i got my copy, for that exact price, so i agree with you there

  • I remember getting to a point with the first Zero title where I could clear to the final boss-rush section without getting hit. fun game, but virtually no desire to go back to it again (owing to spending about 2hrs a day on a train playing it).

    • I wish I could be that good at the game -_-
      It took me a good solid month of training just to be able to BEAT bosh rush, but nah, I can agree with your point, it can easily get hard, and just not worth picking up, but for me, I guess, it just seems like a timeless classic

    • Im gonna have to disagree with you there mate, Number 4 is actually my favourtie of the series, I thought It really made an improvement over the past games, even if the plot swayed a bit from the usual story line.

      • Well, the gameplay goes down I recon. Number 3 had the best upgrade system, but you can’t go past number 1 and 2. If you play number 4 and get A or S ranks, the bosses use EX moves that are impossible to avoid and can almost kill you in one hit. If I die to a boss coz I played bad thats okay, but if he does a cheap move to win, thats when a game stops being fun. But if you liked it, it’s all good, each their own.

  • I thought it was excellent, but I definitely think they should have given it some better visuals, or added more voice acting, or anything, as long as there were no game play changes.

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