Reader Review: Plain Sight

Do you have what it takes to get a review published right here on Kotaku? Zorine does. Plain Sight is a somewhat overlooked indie deathmatch game which, despite Steam sales, hasn't got the following it probably deserves.

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This review was submitted by Zorine Te. If you’ve played Plain Sight, or just want to ask Zorine more about it, leave your thoughts in the comments below.

Plain Sight

Plain Sight is pretty much about deathmatching ninja robots from a third person view. Although the game is easily explained in a single sentence, you really have to experience it to understand just how fun it is, even if that fun is short lived. Did I mention this is Indie?


Quick fun I pretty much clicked straight into the game and leapt into explosive action. The game’s formula is simple but effective. You run, you jump, you blow stuff up. It also has the shortest learning curve I’ve ever experienced. It’s so easy just to click in for five minutes of chaos before going to bed, heading to work etc.

Movement Nothing beats the feeling of doing a running dive into space without fear of flying off and exploding. Imagine rainbow road without the pitfalls – you just always end up on another platform. The game’s scheme ensures that players never quite entirely fly off the stage and into game-over territory.

Ninja Robots Who doesn’t like ninja’s? Or robots? This mish-mash of geek culture is nothing less than cool.

Upgradezzzzz It might seem like upgrades are an imbalanced aspect of gameplay, but there is enough to give players an edge without making them too overpowered, and enough to give you a small goal to work towards each match as opposed to the tedium of fighting endlessly.


Servers Not really the game’s fault but there seemed to be a lack of human players on all servers. The whole scene seems quite dead in general – not that I was expecting a fully fledged community, but coming across another human soul would have been nice. You’ll need to play with friends or face bots for all eternity, which actually isn’t all that bad.

Camera Angles Given the game’s movement and control scheme I’ll admit the camera angles could have been a lot worse. However, there were still moments of feeling like I was frustratingly off kilter.

Short life I believe it is the nature of this game to, well, not really last that long. It gets old pretty fast even if it’s fun. Having friends to play with is essential to prolonging the game’s life.

Last words

Plain sight was everything I thought it would be – quick fun, lots of explosive action and more. A word of warning though; I didn’t expect to get a long life out of the game and neither should you. Now if only I could work out why the game was titled ‘Plain Sight’.

Reviewed by: Zorine Te

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    That game looks like mad fun! Thanks for reviewing it, I'm going to check it out tonight.

    Good review. I agree with most things - this game gets old pretty quickly. Once you get the timing down right on your attacks, and learn when to keep going and when to explode, there's really nothing much there.

    But heck, i picked it up for $2, so it was worth it for that!

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