Real F1 Vs Video Game F1

On the left is on-board camera footage of the Korean Grand Prix. On the right?

That is in-game footage of F1 from Codemasters. It looks better than the real deal.

Even though the Korean GP track is still in its finishing stages, Codemasters has created something that looks better than any on-board camera.

Codemasters F1 2010 []


    The only thing that stood out for me was the excessive amount of in-game advertising added to the game.. not cool.

      you mean unlike a real Gran Prix which has next to no advertising around the track...........

        Yep, Sport and Racing titles are about the only 2 genre's where advertising doesn't stick out like a sore thumb, if anything it makes it feel more geniune.

        The in menu stuff you see in EA Sports titles is still pretty crass I guess.

    At low resolution it is seriously hard to distinguish the two.
    Even at the higher resolution it was a little blury but showed great detail.

    This looks like it will be amazing.

    well of course the game footage looks better. they're not exactly putting thousand dollar HD cameras on the cars in real life

    What struck me about that is the symmetry between the two takes. In most racing games I have played if the track record is 1.50 or whatever, then in the game players won't have a problem smashing that by 30 seconds or so.

    Given that the real car and the game went through that side-by-side, it seems you will be able to compare your times to a real life benchmark, bringing something pretty special to the game.

    Bring on F1 2010 - The countdown is on!

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