Red Dead Has Sold Millions

Red Dead Redemption hasn't just been the critical surprise of the year, it's also been the retail surprise of the year, publisher parent company Take-Two revealing today that the game has shipped almost 7 million copies since May.

As part of its financial results reporting from earlier today, Take-Two say that the game, developed by Rockstar San Diego, has shipped 6.9 million copies worldwide.

Now, "shipped" does not mean "sold to customers", it just means "sold to stores". And we normally only care about the latter. Still, subtract the copies on the shelf and there would still be millions sold (surely at least 5-6), meaning you're looking at very healthy sales figures for a game that, prior to release, very few would have guessed would do that well.


    It deserves it too... I have bought two of them :)

    I enjoyed this game and have been playing it on both consoles. I enjoy the multiplayer, specifically co-op and the single player was awesome (100% baby).

    I cant believe people did NOT think Red Dead was going to kick ass. This includes Rockstar/Take 2/insert-regional-supplier-here, who may well have made 10% more if they had ensured game was in stock for the entire honeymoon period. I guess Bioshock 2 taught them to be a bit more sparing, and this was their overcompensation...

    I expected the game to do just aswell as GTA4, Open world + western, how could it possibly go wrong?

    I'm hoping Rockstar make an open world Sci Fi game, something like Fith Element or Blade Runner would be cool.

    I was so keen on this game, bought it and was hugely disapointed, I expected Deadwood badassery and instead got the poor man's GTA IV.

    Such a shame that this overbudgeted lump gets all the sales when unappreciated gems are left to the bargain bins.

    Wow.. A 'AAA' title from Rockstar has sold millions.. who'd have thought...

    See, if you develop a kick-ass game, people will buy it. If you develop garbage, they won't.

    Take note all you devs/studios/publishers who create utter crap and then try to make up a million reasons why your game didn't do so well.

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