Red Dead Redemption's Cover Art Has Seen Better Days

Rockstar teases us with a first look at the artwork for the upcoming Red Dead Redemption Undead Nightmare downloadable content.

The Undead Nightmare art is a gruesome take on the original Red Dead Redemption cover art, with James Marston replaced with a slightly more fearsome cowboy.

The Undead Nightmare pack follows Marston on a single-player quest to rid the Old West of a highly contagious zombie plague. Expect new gameplay mechanics, weapons, zombie animals, mythical creatures and some new multiplayer modes as well once the $US9.99 pack releases for the PS3 and Xbox 360.

Look for a wallpaper version of the cover art, the first screens and the trailer for Undead Nightmare to show up later this week.


    Another zombie DLC -_-'
    Seriously, do the producers run out of ideas that easily?

    "Hmm well we've finished the main story, now what?"
    'I know, lets add zombies! No one's ever done that before!'

    John Marston ;)... who the heck is James Marston?

    can I have something free now? lol

    Is this a joke?

    Rockstar create one of the most believable worlds ever created in a video game... then add zombies?

      Everything can be improved by adding zombies.

        True three years ago. Now, the dead horse has been well and truly flogged.

    I'm glad this is an optional addon. I'd hate for this stupid poopie to bastardize the awesome memories I have of playing this game.

    Ahh well. Looks like I'll sell my copy no point waiting for single player DLC anymore. I thought Rockstar had more ideas, but zombies, come on seriously!

    I dont know why people are complaining so much, it sounds better than $15 for a map pack.


    Mmmm Harold... err Marston is gonna cap him some smoothskins

    Oh stop whining people. If you dont wanna play whats likely to be a damn fun piece of dlc, DONT BUY IT. Jesus its not like they're twisting your arm... crybabies.

      Exactly. Plus, its been announced for a while now. They listed all their planned DLC not too far after the games release

    I'm looking forward to it... the first time I rode around at night, I found myself hoping for a werewolf or a zombie to pop out. :)

    so RDR can now tick the obligatory 'Has Zombies' box.

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