RedArchon Wins Blizzard SC2 SEA/ANZ Invitational

The first official Southeast Asia Starcraft 2 competition was won by Thailand based player RedArchon yesterday.

With six Aussies and two New Zealanders in the comp, the odds were looking good for an Anzac to take victory from a total of 16 players. But perhaps our local favourite, Andy "GlaDe" Pender, was knocked into the lower bracket early on by Singapore player OxygeN's two cheese pizza.

Those watching GlaDe in the middle of the competition would have done a double-take as he switched from his usual Zerg to Terran in his match against New Zealand Zerg player AlwaysYou, possibly to take advantage of perceived race imbalances.

OxygeN himself was knocked out by Singapore compatriot Ice later on, while GlaDe went strong until he met RedArchon in the lower bracket, finally losing out two matches to one.

From there, it was a convincing Grand Final as RedArchon took four straight games from Ice, as nearby celebratory Thailand streets overflowed with Jolt cola and Pad See Ew. With a Terran beating a Zerg 4-0, cries about imbalances seem justified. But the Terran nerf patch is already incoming, and we await the next SEA/ANZ competition.

According to Blizzard's official Facebook page, replays for this competition will soon be uploaded to their community site.


    Dam, bad luck GlaDe, was hoping he would take it

    And now for the traditional Thai celebration, a military coup! Yay Thailand!

    This is why official leagues like Kespa work while there's no money or publicity given to amateur invitationals. There's no race switching, no surprises, it all boils down to skill.

    "Cries about imbalance seem justified"? Has the possibility of a 4-0 simply due to one guy outplaying another slipped our minds? In the most recent OSL Season 2 final, Flash (Terran) schooled Jaedong (Zerg) 3:1 in a Best of 5. Yet Brood War's perhaps the most balanced and refined game on the planet.

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