Religious Games Maker Rakes $US200,000 In Half A Year

Left Behind Games, maker of Christian-themed video games of... well, dubious quality, reports that it sold $US210,000 worth of product over the past six months.

That's revenue, not profit, and such a figure doesn't make it a major player by any stretch. Still, that's $US210,000, which the publisher said is "considerably more than income in any two consecutive quarters since the company's inception".

Left Behind's figures are no doubt helped by its distribution deals with Walmart across the Bible Belt. The maker of "Left Behind 3: Rise of the Antichrist" (pictured) also credits a strong word-of-mouth campaign spread by experienced brand evangelisers.

"Over the past two years," CEO Troy Lyndon said in a statement, "we've invested in the development of the Christian video game market by giving away more than 50,000 PC games to our network of Pastors who share our desire to provide healthier video game alternatives to their youth."

What Christian Game Developers Consider Success [Game Politics]


    Can anyone explain the attached screenshot? I don't get it...

      It appears the premise is you play as a devout christian who was left 4 dead after the rest of the believers where whisked to heaven during the rapture. It is your holy duty to go on a rampage and kill everybody else left behind because they are evil satanists and/or possibly the antichrist.

        Wow!!... you got all that from a pitchure of people on the street and a yellow delorian.
        You are gifted my friend

          Yes. And the bar signifies the amount of sins the evildoer has on their soul.

            It's not a delorian, it's a lambo...

          but why aren't they wearing tea-towels on their heads?

    anyone up for starting a christian video game company with me - Faith+1 studios and we shall just rip off already established game franchises and make them more christiany.

      I've got a great idea: You're a one-man army and your mission is to save humanity! I think a good title would be HALO!

    "who share our desire to provide healthier video game alternatives to their youth."

    Video games about the rapture are healthy? Ahh... Ok.

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