Remember The Halo: Reach Launch Parties

People were already starting to line-up this morning in New York's Times Square for the official launch of Bungie's Halo: Reach.

Halo fans in New York will be treated to a live performance by hip-hop's Kid Cudi at the Best Buy Theater in Times Square. That even will also be broadcast live in HD on Spike TV starting at 11.33pm EDT tonight and will also air on the Times Square MTV billboard.

"The launch of Halo: Reach will likely rival some of the biggest entertainment launches of the year," said Chris Homeister, senior vice president and general manager of the home entertainment group at Best Buy. "What better way to celebrate this highly anticipated game than to partner with Microsoft and host the marquee event at the new Best Buy theatre in Times Square?"

Here's a rundown of all of the other big launch events around the world:

New York: Best Buy Theater, 1515 Broadway (at 44th St), New York, New York, 10036 (event begins at 8pm EDT, September 13) Seattle: Experience Music Project, Science Fiction Museum and Hall of Fame, 325 5th Ave North, Seattle, Washington 98109 (event begins at 6pm PDT, September 13) UK: GAME, Westfield Shopping Centre, London, W12 7GF (event begins at 9.30pm GMT, September 13) Norway: Spaceworld Megastore, Storgata 12, 0155 Oslo (event begins at 12.01am CET, September 14) Sweden: Webhallen, Sveavägen 39, 11134 Stockholm (event begins at 10pm CET, September 13)

Of course, plenty of local game stores will also be holding their own events. Feel free to drop details in comments if you know of any.

Are you going to a Halo: Reach Launch event?


    Yeah, I went to my local EB's midnight launch at Liverpool. It was... uneventful.

    Apparently there was something big at Blacktown though. I poos me when they announce stuff like that last minute after 99% of people interested have already pre-ordered their game elsewhere.

      Yeah, that was my issue too. I pre-ordered a few months back, and only found out about the midnight launches a couple of weeks ago. There's two JB HiFis in the Melbourne CBD, one holding a midnight opening, one not. Guess which one I preordered at? D:

    We all now know that Wildgoose resigned to play Halo.

    I have had my copy for 5 hours now and still cant play it...

    I get constant "Failed to Write" error messages telling me i unplugged my hard drive...

    There is no online support for this issue and microsoft's xbox support lines are busy.

    i just got my game last night. everytime i die, spawn, kill, or load, or even try to edit my character i get this "Failed to Write" message. its pissing me off. it happened to my brother too. really killed the mood of the game. how can i fix it!!!

      same with me, apperently everyones been getting that a lot, so dont feel like you're the only one. i've been searching about it and still to find an answer....

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