Remember This?

Can you guess this old game from just one screenshot?

I’ll update this post with the answer at 5pm today if no one has guessed before then. Or if you do guess it before then, feel free to share your memories of a classic game.

Good luck!


    You're too kind, Jung! Pity I have no idea what game it is :(

    Pokemon stadium! ah memories!

    That's got to be the original Pokemon Stadium! I still have my copy and the things that let you connect the Gameboy Pokemon games up to it. :D

    This is one game i actually remember playing, ah memories of when games where actually "fun"

    Pokemon Stadium 2, admitting my pokemon nerdiness because i remember 2 had the gradient overlays over the interface boxes...

      Boom! Trent got it.

    Muahahaha, no one's "technically" got it yet :P

    Pokemon Stadium 2, the fact the pokemon have male/female icons gives that away.

    Is it the Japanese Pokemon Stadium 1? The one that came out before the -real- Pokemon Stadium 1?

    I don't see how it could be anything other than Pokémon Stadium 2. The pokemon have genders, which means it can't be Stadium 1, and everything is in English, which means it can't be Pokémon Stadium Kin Gin (which was just the Japanese name for Stadium 2 anyway)

      Wait, Trent got it even though Junglist said a few minutes after Trent's post that no one had it yet...

        Yep that was my bad, Trent's comment wasn't approved yet, though it was posted before mine.

        'tis Stadium 2, you are correctamundo.

    It's tekken 2

    These Remember This? posts are really starting to scare me that I think I'm getting old already.

    Most of the games that come up I still remember playing as if it was just yesterday.

    I'd love to see an old classic Mac game screenshot come up, I don't recall ever seeing a Mac game in this feature. My first exposure to video games was on my Dad's Mac SE in 1986 and our family didn't ditch Apple and get a Dos/Windows machine until I was about 15.

    Deficient childhood :(

    Yeah, pokemon stadium 2. Still waiting on one of these that includes an exploration element like the handheld games or lets the critters actually come in contact.
    Still, the fact they keep the in-game scale means you can have a good laugh when you put a wailord up against a caterpie.

    Pokemon Stadium games kicked ass

    I actually just bought a copy of this recently from my local Gametraders, my Pokemon collection grows strong!

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